Germany considers stopping flights from countries

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Germany considers stopping flights from countries with COVID variants - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Germany is considering stopping almost all incoming flights from countries affected by COVID-19 variants, regardless of what is agreed at an EU level.

Talks are ongoing within the EU about how countries could implement further restrictions, but the Interior Ministry of Germany said on Thursday “if no satisfactory measures are decided at EU level” the country would act at a national leveltransmission control an.

Federal Interior Minister Seehofer had raised the possibility of cutting air traffic to Germany “to almost zero”That was partly because Nunavut has some o, as he suggested “drastic measures” would be needed, but on Thursday told a news conference new measures would focus on air traffic with the United Kingdom2021-12-20T21:08:00Z, Brazil, South Africa and Portugal.

“We are focusing on the mutation zones for this proposed travel restriction,” he saidlife_sciences, adding a draft regulation would be presented to the German government on FridayRecreational travel within B.C..

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