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mask? unwanted! In Ruian 110kV Beimen substation of Wenzhou power supply company, there is a "big eyed baby" intelligent robot that is not afraid of novel coronavirus infection, and it has taken care of the work of eight people

"in the past, the minimum configuration for daily inspection of each operation and maintenance station was 8 staff members, and now one robot is enough. There are 139 temperature measuring connectors and meters in Beimen substation, and it takes at least 1.5 hour for manual inspection, while this intelligent robot only takes 33 minutes." The relevant person in charge of the substation operation and maintenance room of Wenzhou power supply company told that because of the local epidemic control, the access roads of some substations were blocked. Using robots instead of manual inspection, there is no problem that the operation and maintenance personnel cannot reach, which not only reduces the labor intensity and cross infection risk of the operation and maintenance personnel, but also the accuracy of equipment defect research and judgment is very reliable

"the intelligent inspection robot we developed has not only become a 'regimental operation' mode in the State Grid, Nanfang grid and Mengxi grid, but also has a large number of 'posts' in the national economy and people's livelihood industries such as railways, coal mines, petroleum and petrochemical, which are closely related to people's production and life. In this epidemic prevention war, the production capacity in 2018 is expected to exceed 1million tons, becoming a wonder to ensure the operation of equipment." He Gaofei, industrial development director of Zhejiang Guozi Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said

Guozi intelligent robot Park, located in Fuyang Yinhu new area, covers the whole field of interdisciplinary disciplines related to robot technology, including machinery, circuit, software, algorithm, electrical and machine integration, and has built a product system focusing on intelligent inspection, intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent services. From Heilongjiang in the north to the Nansha Islands in the south, from 500 meters underground to 3500 meters above sea level, there are Guozi robots

a pocket temperature and humidity recorder the size of a U disk, which escorts the whole process of vaccine and drug cold chain transportation. Now traders are more active in inquiry. This temperature and humidity recorder, which is small in size and cannot tamper with the original data, was developed by Zog micro systems (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. not far from the Guozi intelligent robot park

as a high-tech enterprise developing and manufacturing earth atmosphere detection equipment and environmental monitoring instruments, Zog's partners include the World Meteorological Organization and the meteorological and civil aviation departments of more than 10 countries such as China, South Korea and India. Each environmental monitoring instrument that has been professionally measured in the laboratory provides a reliable guarantee for the current pharmaceutical enterprises to step up the production of epidemic prevention drugs and high-precision detection in hospital infection areas

high tech enterprises such as Guozi intelligent robot and zoge micro system, which have contributed to the "double line operation" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone has implemented the "one city, one belt, 5100" plan for many years (focusing on the construction of Silver Lake Science and technology city and Golf Road intelligent equipment industrial belt, cultivating and attracting single yinmu for five years, and calculating an account: according to the data provided by China Building metal structure association, 100 high-tech industrial projects, and actively cultivating enterprises for listing)

since the start of the "two wars", Fuyang Development Zone has established four special classes for enterprise resumption in addition to graphene, "one enterprise one plan" precise services, focusing on repairing the supply chain, ensuring the factor chain, improving the industrial chain, and improving the value chain

with the continuous promotion of Fuyang Development Zone and local towns and streets, a number of epidemic prevention material production enterprises such as Dahua Zhilian, Tailin biology, meizhuo biology, zhensen steel structure, Shanda technology and so on have resumed work in advance, and Zhenqi nursing, Huachang clothing, Weitian packaging, Dali filtration and other enterprises have quickly switched to production of masks, protective clothing and other protective articles, constantly adding "ammunition" to the front line of war and epidemic

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