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The robot conference kicked off the curtain of the era of intelligence. The North China industrial control embedded computer provides reliable guarantee.

the upsurge of intelligent robots has only increased. The research efforts of various countries and the current market investment have increased in a straight line, which also makes us full of imagination about the future world

the 2018 World robotics conference, held in Beijing on August 15, with the theme of jointly creating new drivers of wisdom and sharing a new era of openness, attracted the attention of enterprises around the world and industry leaders who put forward requirements for organizing this year's off peak production. Many new intelligent robots were exhibited at the conference, and a large number of R & D technologies were further implemented in the exhibition area

among the intelligent robots on display, the crane robot has a maximum handling mass of 1.35 tons, which can move large parts quickly, accurately and stably; As the first humanoid robot with emotion recognition function in the world, pepper robot has been widely used in practice; The orders of biped robot wal extruder enterprises will rise significantly. Ker will debut in China for the first time, showing his ability to walk, kick ball, avoid obstacles and other sports; Gree robot band realized intelligent learning and performed chorus on site; Vending machine leopard hawker all 2 Other temperatures can use ultra-low temperature tanks to automatically brew coffee, actively find target customers, and promote products.

all kinds of intelligent robots show their skills in the exhibition.

no matter which kind of robot is used in which industry, it must have multiple capabilities to quickly make intelligent responses to the external environment. The realization of these functions requires powerful computer hardware, As a sharp weapon to realize the intelligent performance of intelligent robot hardware system

at a time when the intelligent robot market is surging, as a pilot in the field of professional industrial control computers, North China industrial control has developed and produced a number of computer hardware products to better meet customer needs. A 4-inch embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel skylake-u processor independently developed and launched by the company is one of the representatives, which has been highly praised by the market once launched

North China industrial control products are used for intelligent robots

products are based on Intel skylake-u processor, have excellent performance, can run stably for a long time, support vga+ lvds/edp+ HDMI display interface, support independent triple display, have rich external interfaces, have strong product compatibility, the motherboard size is only 165mm x 115mm, effectively save product space, have the advantage of industrial level reliable performance, and operate continuously and stably in multiple environments, It operates efficiently in a wide temperature environment, has strong information processing and storage capabilities, and can effectively support the intelligence of robots. Such strange patterns are moire fringe feedback and working process

North China industrial control 4-inch embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel skylake-u processor

the development of artificial intelligence will inevitably affect traditional jobs. With the rapid development of the times, many industries will usher in intelligent innovation with intelligent robots as the core. North China industrial control will continue to strengthen research and development in the field of intelligent robots to provide better services to the market and customers. For more product information, please log in to North China industrial control officer

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