The hottest robot carries a top 36 people

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Robots carry a top of 36 people

maybe in the near future, workers will no longer be able to code and move bricks hard in the brick kiln, instead of industrial robots. Yesterday, the code blank robot developed by Henan Province was officially put into production

in order to operate the crushing part of the machine, the mantis arm robot can put the bricks neatly

at 10:30 a.m., in Henan OPA industrial robot Co., Ltd. in the Zhongmou industrial agglomeration area, a big guy with a height of 5.5 meters and a weight of 12 tons is dexterously grabbing more than 200 bricks and placing them on the transmission belt aside. This guy is the big Mantis code blank robot newly developed by OPA this year. This robot can yard 1400KG bricks at a time, and can handle the work of 36 people! Wuzhanhai, technical director of OPA, said

next to it, another super energy code blank robot developed by OPA and several positive signals have appeared in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Robot partners are also busy. It can carry 500 kilograms of bricks at a time, 250 kilograms more than similar robots in the world at a time. It is worth mentioning that at the 2011 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany, the use of it in automotive parts is becoming more and more widely. It is the only high-tech enterprise in Henan and even the country that OPA brought this robot. Its emergence has attracted the great attention of major companies in the robot industry in the world. KUKA, the world's largest industrial robot company, said after seeing the product: we also thought of using this method to solve the problem of recorder weight (high load) before robot lifting a few months ago, but considering many difficulties, it was not implemented. The general manager of Italy's largest robot integration manufacturer said: it is of great significance that you solved such difficulties at the cost of 10000 euros

Fan Hongbing, general manager of Henan OPA industrial robot Co., Ltd., said that the two robots used a total of six patented technologies. At present, more than 100 sets of big Mantis code blank robots have been ordered, and many super energy code blank robots and robot partners have also been ordered. Their production and use will not only save labor and improve work efficiency, but also accelerate the disappearance of black brick kilns in the way of technological revolution, freeing 3million people in 100000 brick yards across the country from the backward and harsh working environment

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