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Robin Lee: self driving will soon enable cars to find parking spaces automatically

on October 18, the 2018 World Smart car conference was grandly opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Robin Lee, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, was invited to attend and deliver a speech on the theme of "heading for the smart future"

Robin Lee described the progress made by Baidu in the fields of intelligent driving, unmanned vehicles, vehicle road coordination and so on. He believed that openness, safety, policy and infrastructure will be the four key factors affecting the future development of the intelligent driving industry. Baidu has achieved many innovative breakthroughs in these four aspects, and will work with partners to promote a better intelligent future

as one of the key directions of Baidu's artificial intelligence layout, the open concept of Baidu Apollo open platform is consistent. Now it has attracted 129 ecological partners around the world, and has gathered an automotive intelligent ecological community covering enterprises, governments and research institutions. Otherwise, the operation of fixtures may exceed the limit of travel and cause damage to equipment. In the past year, this open ecological development mode has burst out huge industrial potential, and new "new species" of intelligent driving continue to enter public life. For example, Baidu's first L4 level mass production self driving bus "Apollon" has been mass produced, and the unmanned Neolithic car ax1 has also been mass produced. Next, it will explore and carry out commercial operations around the world. At present, Baidu has obtained road test licenses in Beijing, Shanghai, Pingtan, Fujian and Chongqing, taking the lead in launching real road tests and demonstration operations in China

in terms of security, while vigorously promoting the development of artificial intelligence technology, baidu is also constantly ensuring the security and controllability of AI technology. From the opening of the platform to the realization of mass production, Apollo has added nearly 50% of the code to ensure security. At present, "Apollon" has operated safely for more than 10000 kilometers, served more than 10000 people, opened more than 20 landing scenes without explosion, and maintained a record of zero accident rate

at the same time, in September this year, baidu announced that it would officially open source the Apollo vehicle road collaboration scheme by the end of 2018, open Baidu Apollo's technology and services in the field of vehicle road collaboration to the industry, and build a "human vehicle road" global data aware intelligent transportation system. With the fact that roadside intelligence and vehicle end intelligence complement each other, the road rules will be truly standardized, the driving efficiency of vehicles will be improved, and the accident risk will be minimized to ensure the safety of automatic driving

in the field of infrastructure, Robin Lee proposed, "The improvement of infrastructure is China's unique advantage. Many of our cars are crowded in big cities, and a lot of costs can be improved through the road test infrastructure on the road, so that the cost of our automatic driving can be greatly reduced; this can also make our cars that do not have the ability to drive automatically now, and can also jam less time on the road, so that people can spend more time on their work, study, life and entertainment."

for example, the annual loss caused by traffic congestion in big cities like Beijing accounts for about 5% of their GDP. For example, according to statistics, people spend about 30% of their driving time looking for parking spaces, and the application of artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent signal lights and automatic parking will greatly alleviate these situations. In the future, as AI technology penetrates into different links of urban transportation system, the overall upgrading and coordination of intelligent transportation will solve various urban "pain points" caused by traffic problems and improve people's happiness in life

in fact, in addition to the field of intelligent transportation, baidu AI ecosystem also has a considerable accumulation in the field of intelligent voice. The number of partners of Baidu intelligent voice open platform dueros has exceeded 200, and has entered many scenes such as smart home, smart wear, car and mobile communication. The number of master control devices equipped with dueros has also exceeded 110, making it the most influential intelligent voice interaction system in China

it is worth mentioning that as the bottom core capability of dueros and Apollo, baidu brain 3.0 has opened more than 120 leading AI scenario capabilities and solutions, continuously reducing the threshold of AI application, providing AI services for enterprises and developers in business transformation and upgrading, in-depth integration with finance, retail sales, manufacturing, transportation, robotics, agriculture and other industries, and promoting intelligent change

Robin Lee said, "the future is critical, but it is easy for everyone to carry out." Baidu will contribute more AI technology and service capabilities, cooperate with all sectors of society, open up and automatically print out the experimental results for sharing, and realize the all-round development of the intelligent industry and even the whole economy and society

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