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The release of robot approved motion planning chip can make it move safely

it is a thorny thing to make robots move safely in the physical world. Industrial robots are powerful products, but there may be accidents that completely crush human beings. Moreover, using robot vision and enough brain to avoid obstacles is very expensive, and it will slow down the movement on the booth of Harbin Institute of technology. Usually, robots simply operate on the set path, while humans need to avoid robots to operate your requirements as long as the range is accurate

recently, robot experts from Duke University provided a practical solution to this problem, that is, adding a new processor, which can calculate the route that the robot should move. The calculation speed is three orders of magnitude faster than the current method, and the power consumption is only one twentieth of the current method

this processor chip is a customized FPGA or field programmable gate array. As the name suggests, these are processors that can be reprogrammed after manufacturing to specifically handle certain tasks. They have existed for decades, but have proved to be very good at problems involving machine learning. For example, Microsoft is using FPGA for AI cloud services

the advantages of robots using FGPA are clear. For example, before a robot works, its arm needs to draw the environmental area required for its work. It takes a few seconds to pause and calculate its route. It should not only consider from a to B, but also calculate the 3D space it occupies there, that is, the so-called "scanning volume". Using this new core Wanhua Group's MDI technology is at the world's leading level. 4. After the sudden increase in data testing, the robot arm equipped with FGPA reacts to the new environment almost instantly without a few seconds of pause

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