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Robot 9 has invested nearly 300million in research and development in three years, leading the industry in scientific research. Since the launch of the science and Innovation Board on April 23, 90 enterprises have obtained the admission certificate of the science and innovation board. In this high-profile assessment, scientific research ability has always been one of the important conditions for the listing of enterprises on the science and innovation board, and the proportion of R & D investment in revenue has been used as the test standard by the market for many times. On the evening of April 17, No.9 robot Co., Ltd. applied for listing on the science and innovation board and was accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As the first enterprise integrating CDR, red chip, science and innovation board and other popular labels, the R & D investment and scientific research ability of No.9 robot also attracted the attention of the capital market

focus on core technology innovation, and the R & D investment is firmly in the forefront of the enterprises accepted by the science and innovation board.

the prospectus of robot 9 shows that the R & D investment of robot 9 in 2016, 2017 and 2018 was 71 million yuan, 91 million yuan and 123 million yuan respectively, showing an increasing trend year by year. According to statistics, as of April 23, among the 90 enterprises that have accepted or applied for IPO on the science and technology innovation board, the average R & D cost of robot 9 from 2016 to 2018 reached 95million, and the company's R & D investment ranked 14th

previously, a voice in the market said that the proportion of the company's R & D investment in the three-year operating revenue was 6.19%, 6.61% and 2.90% respectively, which seemed not so bright. In fact, in 2016 and 2017, the average R & D expense rates of comparable companies of robot 9 were 3.22% and 3.02% respectively. The R & D expense of robot 9 accounted for the proportion of operating revenue, and the impact performance was mainly related to Delta- Ferrite related cases were significantly higher than the average level of comparable companies. In addition, the company's operating revenue in 2016, 2017 and 2018 reached 1.15 billion yuan, 1.38 billion yuan and 4.25 billion yuan respectively, with an average annual compound growth rate of 91.95%. The rapid increase in revenue led to a corresponding decline in the proportion of R & D expenses in 2018, but the actual R & D investment is still growing rapidly year by year

attach importance to the construction of R & D talent team and participate in the formulation of a number of industry standards

according to the prospectus of robot 9, as of December 31, 2018, robot 9 had 1488 employees, including 401 R & D personnel, accounting for 26.95%. At the same time, the number of R & D personnel and their salary investment are still growing. The company said that it would continue to expand staff recruitment at home and abroad in the future, which is evident from the importance it attaches to scientific research talents

most of the core technologies currently owned by robot 9 come from its independent research and development, which are the self owned technologies of the company's research and development team through market feedback, technology accumulation and innovation journey in the process of research and development and production. Some core technologies also come from Segway Inc. of the United States, which is a wholly-owned merger, and the only exclusive permanent authorization from Deka LLC, The company owns or is applying for more than 1000 domestic and foreign basic patents in the field of balance cars and scooters. It can be seen that robot 9, as a global technology leading provider of intelligent short-range mobile solutions, its R & D capacity, technical level and the number of patents it holds are absolutely leading in the world

in addition, as an internationally leading high-tech enterprise in the field of intelligent short-term transportation and service robots, the company has participated in the formulation of a number of industry, national and international relevant standards, such as the general technical conditions for gb/t electric balanced vehicles, the safety requirements and test methods for gb/t electric balanced vehicles with equal spacing along the side wall of the disc, and so on, to help improve the standardized management level of the industry, Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

robot 9 is also shown in table (4) belt and tension in the prospectus. The invited guests and expert team visited the technology research and development center, advanced forming equipment and process research and development center, advanced casting aluminum alloy research and development center, high-end deformed aluminum alloy research and development center, Shandong Huayu aluminum processing business department and corporate culture center of Shandong Branch of the Institute of materials. The company plans to raise 2.08 billion yuan, which will be used to invest in the construction of research and development center Intelligent distribution robot R & D and industrial development and other four projects and supplementary working capital. In the future, the company will further enrich the existing product system, improve the company's intelligent R & D capability, and continuously enhance the company's future industry leading position in the field of intelligence

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