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Basic concepts in furniture packaging and their design problems

first, the concept of packaging and furniture packaging

1.1 the difference between packaging and baling

(1) packing: simply wrapping items

(2) packaging: wrap the goods and further endow them with the attributes of goods that are expected to be sold

1.2 different definitions of packaging in the world

United States: packaging is the use of appropriate materials, containers and technology, so that products can safely reach their destination - at each stage of the product delivery process, no matter what kind of external impact, its contents can be protected without affecting the value of the product

Japanese industrial standard specification [jisz1010 (1951):] the so-called packaging refers to the state in which articles are wrapped with appropriate materials, containers and packaging technology in order to protect their value and original state during transportation and storage

China: packaging is the general name of containers, materials and accessories used in a certain way to protect products in the process of circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales

based on the above concepts, it can be seen that the main purpose of packaging is to protect goods and maintain value, which involves the selection of packaging materials, packaging methods, protective measures, packaging decoration and so on. Packaging is an independent industrial system. Furniture packaging is not furniture packaging, but furniture packaging. Furniture packaged by furniture should have good sales performance. Furniture packaging needs to consider all the contents of packaging

1.3 definition of furniture packaging design

furniture packaging design can be defined as: using appropriate packaging materials and packaging technology according to its purpose and content requirements and referring to people's understanding of packaging; Apply design rules and aesthetic principles; The whole process of providing containers, modeling and packaging for furniture products, and expressing them with drawings or models. Furniture packaging design and furniture product design is a dialectical relationship. It provides appropriate protection for furniture products in the process of production, storage, transportation and sales, and reflects the product personality, the enterprise culture and design culture of the manufacturing enterprise. Furniture packaging design is involved in the whole process of designing the shape, specification, material, number, structure and technology of furniture products

Second, the role of furniture packaging

the role of furniture packaging has the following aspects: (1) provide appropriate protection for furniture products. (2) Brand services for furniture product design, production and sales. (3) Provide information society services for furniture enterprises in proper resource allocation informatization, product generalization, production and sales inventory. (4) Serve the consumers of furniture products

2.1 the main function of furniture packaging is to provide appropriate protection for furniture products

it takes a long time and space to transform furniture products from production to use. All these processes include the storage, transportation, sales and self-assembly of furniture products. Only with good packaging design can the value of furniture products avoid the adverse effects caused by changes in humidity, temperature, mechanical collision, biological factors and so on. When furniture reaches the last link of consumers, the shape, appearance and structure of furniture products have not been dry cracked, wet swollen, warped, moldy, paint film falling off, marble or glass cracking and other phenomena, and the value of furniture is finally reflected

2.2 brand service for furniture product design, production and sales is an important function of furniture packaging

for export-oriented furniture manufacturers that are OEM, overseas companies will put forward very high requirements on packaging. Sometimes, they provide all the packaging design and outer box decoration design; This is actually a strict restriction on the brand design, production and sales of the domestic furniture industry. China is a big country in furniture production and sales. With good furniture packaging, there will be more room for the development of China's furniture industry

as the saying goes, "a good horse matches a good saddle", but many furniture enterprises consider the particularity of furniture products. Before consumers use it, the seller has unpacked the outside of the package, so they often ignore the importance of packaging. Now we notice that DIY furniture and KD furniture need excellent furniture packaging; Furniture enterprises also rely on furniture packaging for their corporate culture, service quality and product quality. The packaging design of furniture is not only the design and beautification of packaging box, but also includes the design of enterprise and product logo, logo technology treatment, product instructions, after-sales service, instructions for use and other details. In short, furniture packaging provides a broad stage for furniture manufacturers' brand management. The cost of furniture packaging can be calculated as the production cost. If first-class furniture is equipped with third-class packaging, it can only sell at the second-class price, and the product is difficult to give users confidence

2.3 for furniture enterprises to adapt to the severe oil leakage in the oil pipeline system, it is important to check whether the oil pipe is the source of fracture. Information society services such as deployment informatization, product generalization and zero inventory production and sales are the special functions of furniture packaging

the outer package of furniture is of uniform specification, and the design and use of surface decoration and sealing tape are shown in figure (1)

2.3.1 sealing tape provides a good data entry for furniture manufacturers' resource allocation informatization. The sealing tape adopts bar code processing technology; After packaging and warehousing, the product name, model, specification, quantity of parts, color, material, production cost, sales purpose, date of manufacture, product king size/queen size and other parameters can be uniformly entered into the Excel database and linked with the barcode to meet the needs of the enterprise's overall operation, Market Research, annual summary, container packing calculation and so on

2.3.2 the unified specification of outer cartons can reduce the inventory of cartons. Different furniture products can use the same specification of outer boxes. For example, different iron soft chairs or solid wood dining chairs (DIY structure) have different shapes of parts, but the size of the outer box of the package can be considered consistent; At present, many furniture manufacturers directly print product shapes on the outer box, which limits the versatility of the outer box

2.3.3 for parts like beds and iron art beds, the general packaging can be considered. For example, common parts such as bed and steel tube bed mother are used separately in the outer box according to the specifications, and other parts of furniture in different suites are given different product numbers; When products are needed, other parts of the suite and general parts (packaged) are stored with the same barcode veneer

the technical treatment of the above furniture packaging reduces the capital turnover time and makes the enterprise production meet the requirements of the information society

2.4 serving consumers of furniture products is the ultimate goal of furniture packaging. This kick-off meeting also revealed

when people talk about furniture design, their favorite slogans are "humanism" and "green design". Furniture products, especially DIY furniture and KD furniture, need a good furniture packaging to truly serve consumers. An excellent furniture packaging includes the following aspects that are beneficial to consumers: (1) the location of hardware accessories is eye-catching, and accessories should be more rather than less. (2) The assembly drawing is clear and standard, and the assembly steps are simple and easy to understand, with English introduction. (3) The parts are taken in the order of assembly, which is easy to identify. (4) there are detailed precautions for use, and there are Chinese and English descriptions of materials, processes, structures, modeling design, etc. (5) There is a clear description of after-sales service content and consumer rights and interests

III. contents of furniture packaging design

furniture packaging design includes the following contents: 1 Select the appropriate assembly process and draw the assembly diagram. 2. Choose the right parts, 3 Determine the position and fixing form of all parts in the same packing box. 4. Select appropriate packaging materials, determine the use specifications of packaging materials, and formulate a list of packaging materials. 5. Draw the schematic diagram of product disassembly and assembly, and mark the parts. 6. Production of product instructions. 7. Draw stacking diagram. 8. Bar code information preparation. 9. Outer box shape design, representation design and sign board design. 10. Chinese English translation

3.1 consider appropriate component assembly process

if the nail gun is used to force the sewing process (a) the mechanical collision between the glass panel and the sewing gun is difficult to avoid, and the glass will flower or produce internal stress; If process (b) is adopted, adverse effects can be avoided. Of course, it would be better if we could revise the structure and overall dimensions in the design management of furniture products

3.2 proper component matching

component matching should follow the following principles: (1) the principle of component relevance. Only components that are relevant can be used by customers. For example, the components of the suite head screen share an outer box. (if a part in the head screen and the makeup stool share the packaging box, it is not suitable for packaging). (2) Use the space minimization principle. For manufacturers or sellers who achieve CIF price, it is their eternal pursuit to successfully develop a variety of robot products that are used in various processes of the tire industry with the lowest transportation cost and transport the most products. In the process of modeling packaging, we must repeatedly compare the size of the space consumed by packaging and select the minimum packaging state. For DIY furniture and KD furniture, the packaging design must also require the product design to provide the best disassembly structure and disassembly size

3.3 determine the appropriate position and fixing form of each part in the packing box

the determination of the position and fixing form of each part in the packing box should be based on the following aspects: (1) the principle of symmetry. The principle of symmetry takes into account all kinds of unknowable states of furniture in the process of transportation, storage and sales, so as to ensure the stability of furniture products in the packaging box. At the same time, it provides convenience for room use and product cognition. (2) Stability principle. Determine the respective positions of parts in the packing box to avoid mechanical collision caused by mutual displacement during circulation. (3) The principle that the fixed structure does not damage the aesthetic value of the product. The nail or transparent glue used to fix the bandage and glue rope should have no adverse effect on the stress of the paint film and structure. When considering the above principles, the technology of computer simulation and physical test can be adopted. As shown in figure (3), make a trial packaging working platform

3.4 select appropriate packaging materials, determine the use specifications of packaging materials, and formulate a list of packaging materials

cost, packaging quality and other factors should be involved here. The following principles should be considered in selecting packaging materials, packaging forms and determining packaging specifications: (1) dialectical conception principle; Excessive packaging materials will cause waste of resources, increase the volume and unit weight ratio of packaging, and also affect the aesthetics after packaging; However, if the packaging is not in place, they will be busy welding huge pipes, resulting in a packaging accident, which will affect the product quality. So we should conceive dialectically and design repeatedly. (2) Green design principles; For the selection of packaging materials, considering the current popular green design requirements, the packaging materials can be pulpable materials. (3) The principle of economic rationality. This includes the production cost consideration of the three processes of selection, production and use of packaging materials. Although the packaging cost is included in the production cost, for the consideration of consumers, it is also necessary to maximize the economic rationalization in order to improve the competitiveness of products. (4) For the packaging of a single iron flower leg, 1mm pearl cotton or 3mm pearl cotton can be selected as the material of the protective sleeve, considering the actual needs of protecting the paint film

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