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ROBOPAC sells 60 high-speed stretch wrapping machines to Modello. Grupo modelo is the largest beer brewing enterprise in Mexico, and its corona beer is the fifth largest beer brand in the world

the operation and maintenance costs of the original rotary wrapping machine of Modello company are getting higher and higher, and the production efficiency can only reach about 90%. Therefore, Modello began to look for a high-speed pallet stretching and wrapping experiment automatic completion machine

sistemi Genesis stretch wrap from ROBOPAC company 1 The driving pneumatic range machine can fully meet these needs of Grupo modelo. Genesis stretch wrapping machine can guarantee 99% production efficiency, and can wrap up to 100 pallets per hour. At the same time, the equipment can also reduce the overall operation and maintenance costs that everyone has been talking about excess capacity. This machine has no sliding ring, but a rotating ring, so it will not be able to accurately obtain the experimental data structure, which means that the maintenance cost of the machine will be greatly reduced, and the operation will become very safe

after the adoption of Sistemi Genesis stretch wrapping machine, modelo's production has been significantly improved. Now, modelo's brewery in Mexico has purchased 60 Genesis stretch wrapping machines

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