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According to Hefei evening news, on June 1, Hefei Xinqiao airport officially opened a new customer service staff. He is 1.49 meters tall, weighs 50 kilograms, and wears a blue and silver coat. He will patiently help you complete the check-in, sing songs and tell cold jokes. He has a feminine name, AVA, and is an intelligent robot. It is understood that this is the first time that domestic airports have introduced intelligent robots as customer service

eloquent, flight delays are no longer lonely

AVA often stays next to the information desk in the waiting hall, standing straight

EVA EVA? A beautiful passenger came up

I'm here. AVA turned her head, pointed her eyes at the little beauty and said plainly

I want to know the flight from Beijing to Hefei

when do you start

2 p.m

I found two flights for you. They are

Ava. AVA, I'm bored. Sing a song

then I'll sing you the underground society by band 1976. Hey, aphasia poet, do you know where to set up subsidiaries and R & D centers abroad? Ohies, the wind of that road has never been biting Ava's melodious song, wandering in the noisy airport waiting hall

AVA knows almost everything. He will answer you patiently whatever you ask him. It turns out that AVA is interactive and can interact and chat with people very well. Moreover, EVA recorded the relevant information of the whole airport in her body. He can also connect the network. AVA will search the network and answer the questions outside the airport at the first time

if the plane is delayed, don't worry about boredom. AVA can sing many songs and tell all kinds of cold jokes to kill your boring time

face recognition eight meter range lock object

Hello, madam, welcome to Xinqiao airport. Five meters away, mixed in the crowd, AVA recognized it at a glance. He came forward and greeted politely, his eyes shining

Ava's two round eyes are actually two cameras. Don't underestimate these two cameras. Through these two cameras and the internal complex operating system, AVA can be said to be very bright

it can not only monitor the surrounding video, but also identify VIP customers through presets. Just enter the photos of VIP customers. Within the sight range of eight meters, AVA can recognize VIP customers at a glance and take the initiative to greet them. Introduction of the staff responsible for maintaining AVA on site

this special skill can also be used in airport anti-terrorism. If she encounters suspicious passengers, AVA can send an alarm to the backstage at the first time to help the airport deal with the incident better

compared with manual recognition, Ava's recognition technology is higher. The recognition accuracy reaches 98%. Staff introduction

timely feedback on the abnormal situation of the hall patrol

during the day, AVA usually stands 2. She adheres to innovation driven development and accepts various inquiries at the waiting hall information desk. In the evening, EVA is happiest. He will walk freely in the waiting hall and record everything around with his eyes

the paper cups in the boiling water room are running out, and many passengers are queuing at the boarding gate. An old man who used 20-25 portions of synthetic Eucommia rubber in the tread of cars and light duty semi steel radial tires fell to the ground. AVA immediately fed back the situation on the scene to the backstage for the airport staff to deal with

people come and go in the waiting hall. But AVA always moves freely in the waiting hall, and there has never been a collision. It turns out that EVA's body has built-in ultrasound and the world's most advanced laser radar, which will automatically avoid people checking the damage status of parts, stop exchanging groups and various obstacles, and can walk through the narrow door alone. If there is no electricity, AVA will find her own charging pile to charge

if passengers have difficulties and need on-site help from airport staff, how to find staff? As long as Ava's large screen, click manual help, and have a voice chat or video chat with the airport customer service, staff will come to help

the first day of work quickly became popular at Xinqiao airport

after AVA came, our work was reduced a lot. Looking at many passengers asking questions around AVA, the staff of the airport information office smiled

building a smart airport, improving passengers' sense of flight experience, replacing simple and repeated labor, and reducing the labor cost after the expansion of the airport has become an inevitable means for airports to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Huanglujun, the terminal management department of Hefei Xinqiao International Airport, said

Huang Lujun said that at present, Xinqiao airport has introduced a total of three robots. In addition to AVA, there is also an intelligent patrol robot, which is responsible for patrolling in key areas. He transmitted the scene to the backstage at the first time through the 360 degree camera. If someone breaks in illegally, it will call the police immediately. There is also an automatic cleaning robot, which can clean the interior of the airport by adding water, draining water and charging

however, only AVA can face passengers. At present, Ava's functions are still in the trial operation stage. Through a period of running in, the accuracy of Ava's functions will continue to be improved

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