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Polyester chips have passed smoothly

recently, the self raised price of polyester chips is generally maintained at yuan/ton. There is no big change in the market of polyester chips with light polymerized in a constant wet state for 4 hours. The mainstream market price of polyester chips with light polymerized is about 10900 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of small polyester chips (filament grade of light polymerized) is about yuan/ton (self raising price with cash). The price of polyester raw materials in the upstream has stabilized. The quotation of polyester chips from all parties has been issued in November. The advance quotation of semi gloss polyester chips in November 2006 was 11000 yuan/t, which was reduced by 1200 yuan/t compared with 12300 yuan/t quoted in September. In October, the semi gloss polyester chip center reviewed the settlement price of 11000 yuan/t, and compared with the review settlement price of 12300 yuan/t in September, the steel plant's appeal for coke price adjustment is still more cautious. Similarly, there are 12 optimized enterprise production efficiency of 00 yuan/t. On the market, the price outside the contract of polyester chips has lost its way forward, and the market characteristics of raw material dominance are very obvious in the chip market. The settlement price of five party CDP (Changzhou Huayuan, Zhejiang Chemical Union, guxiandao, Tongkun Hengsheng modified, Xinsheng chemical fiber) this week (October 15 - October 21) is 11700 yuan/t, which is 500 yuan/t lower than the settlement price of 12200 yuan/t last week. Next week's quotation: 11700 yuan/t, down 200 yuan/t from last week's 11900 yuan/t quotation. At present, the real-time price on the market is 11500 yuan/t. It seems that CDP (cationic chip) price will be under downward trend pressure in the future

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