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Polyester staple fiber market rose again, and the downstream performance was mediocre. The pressure was not small

originally, the polyester staple fiber market encountered resistance in the early stage, the market price rose weakly, and the measures of price concessions in market transactions gradually increased the supply of low-cost goods in the market. However, since last weekend, with the strong rise of PTA market, the upstream primary raw material, the polyester staple fiber market has resumed its previous cost support, sweeping away the early decline, The market price rose significantly again, and many manufacturers' quotations rose. The 1.4d mainstream cash self raising quotation rose to 11600 yuan/ton, and the highest self raising quotation was 11800 yuan/ton. The market transaction price also followed up significantly, with a slightly lower increase in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the environmental pollution caused by the 1.4d mainstream cash leaving the factory as a plastic granulator was also quite serious, with a turnover of about 11300 yuan/ton or higher, while other regions increased significantly, For example, cash of more than 11700 yuan/ton is generally delivered in Fujian. But at the same time, the production situation of downstream mills is general, and the early inventory is also relatively sufficient, so the market mentality is mostly wait-and-see, but the enthusiasm for stocking is still significantly improved. The performance in South China is the best. The quotation of local manufacturers is stable. The quotation of 1.4d cash withdrawal is mostly 11800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction price is also 11800 yuan/ton. The strength of the price is based on the good startup rate of downstream mills, but the market transaction situation is also general. The main reason is the high price, and the abundant stock in the downstream is another important reason. Some polyester staple fiber manufacturers in East China have offered 12000 yuan/ton of 1.4d cash, while the mainstream offer is still 11800 yuan/ton. At present, the actual transaction price in the market is basically stable at the level of 1.4d mainstream cash ex factory yuan/ton, and the transaction situation is also general. The polyester staple fiber market in North China is slightly flat, and the price remains stable. The mainstream cash delivery quotation of 1.4d in the market is yuan/ton. The transaction situation is not ideal, and the downstream demand is still weak. The market mentality is mainly wait-and-see, and the market enthusiasm is not high

compared with the market of polyester staple fiber, the downstream yarn market is much inferior. Although some yarn varieties are still rising, it is mainly driven by the cost, not by the overall dynamic sales of yarn products. In addition, some of the previous increases have been made, so the rise of yarn can not keep up with the rise of polyester staple fiber. However, after the Spring Festival, if the yarn enterprises start the machine or use the dust cover and the bonding is too firm, the material will become brittle and the instrument will be covered and maintained at a low level. Therefore, the pressure on the yarn factory is not too great, but the situation of the yarn Market has been significantly improved compared with the previous period. With the rise of costs, the future market of yarn mills will face obvious pressure, and the yarn market will likely continue to consolidate. Sinopec Group's polyester staple fiber guidance quotation has been raised, expanding sales channels. The 1.4d cash delivery guidance quotation is 12000 yuan/ton, which is 300 yuan/ton higher than the previous quotation. For the time being, the impact on the market has not yet appeared, but it should play a role in stabilizing the market. Other manufacturers such as Zhejiang Zhenbang and Jiangyin Huahong also followed up with their 1.4d cash withdrawal quotation, which was synchronously adjusted to 12000 yuan/ton. Other manufacturers said that they would also raise their quotations in due course. This is also a market supporting move for polyester staple fiber manufacturers to strive to make the current market price recognized by the market

this wave of polyester staple fiber rising market is also cost driven. The psychology of buying up has driven the growth of downstream demand, market transactions have also been amplified, and the pressure of enterprise inventory has been reduced. However, the production of yarn mills is only at the general level, so the aftermarket pressure is still relatively obvious, but in a short time, the polyester staple fiber market is still dominated by strength

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