The hottest polyester staple fiber market is loose

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The polyester staple fiber market has loosened, and the downstream demand is less, causing the market to decline

the domestic polyester staple fiber market has been relatively stable in the recent week, but due to the decline in market trading volume, it is slightly insufficient compared with the previous period, and the market price is also slightly adjusted on the basis of the previous period. At present, there is no improvement in the insufficient market demand for downstream yarn of polyester staple fiber, so the price of polyester staple fiber lacks the power to rise. Under the current market condition, polyester staple fiber production enterprises are facing capital problems. Enterprises are adjusting production load to deal with the current adverse market situation. Due to the delay in starting the downstream yarn market, polyester staple fiber enterprises continue to be bearish on the future market. Sinopec Group still maintains its polyester staple fiber guidance price, with 1.4d cash delivery guidance quotation of 11950 yuan/ton, 1.2D quotation of 12000 yuan/ton, 1.2D bright quotation of 12150 yuan/ton, which also reveals the signal that 2.4 hydraulic system should be installed safely to regulate pressure and strive to maintain market stability. At present, the price range of 1.4d cash to transaction quotation in the domestic mainstream market is yuan/ton (cash or acceptance). Compared with the previous week, the quotation has declined by yuan/ton, which is clearly reflected in the trend of market loosening from the change of market price

at present, with the increasing popularity of automobile consumption, the polyester staple fiber market in East China is basically stable. The transaction quotation of 1.4d mainstream cash delivery is yuan/ton (cash delivery), and the price is adjusted downward by 50 yuan/ton. The market began to see some sources of goods traded at low prices, some enterprises made obvious concessions, and the overall transaction was acceptable. Enterprises basically had no inventory pressure, and the mentality of production enterprises was still normal. The market of polyester staple fiber in South China is strong, and the transaction quotation of 1.4d mainstream cash delivery fell, with the quotation of yuan/ton, while the high-end transaction quotation is around yuan/ton, with less inventory pressure. The market of polyester staple fiber in North China is relatively flat. The transaction quotation of 1.4d mainstream cash delivery fell by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the quotation level is yuan/ton (partial acceptance). The overall sales are poor. There are many profit transfer measures in the actual transaction, and the downstream pure polyester yarn market is also stable and softening. The polyester staple fiber market in Southwest China also fell steadily. Now the transaction price of local 1.4d mainstream cash delivery is about yuan/ton (cash or acceptance), with a decline of 100 yuan/ton. The downstream market procurement is still depressed, and the market prospect is not optimistic

recently, the yarn Market in various parts of the country has shrunk and consolidated, the market transaction situation is flat, and the price reduction and market profit making sales generally exist in the market sales. The sales volume of pure polyester yarn in Xiaoshao market decreased, and the price also decreased, with a range of 200 yuan/ton. At present, the market quotation for 21s is 15100 yuan/ton, 15800 yuan/ton for 32S, 16800 yuan/ton for 45s, and 16900 yuan/ton for 50s. In addition, although the quotation of pure polyester yarn in Shengze market, a mainstream market in China, declined slightly in 2014, the price concession behavior was obvious in the transaction. The market quotation of 21s was still 14800 yuan/ton, that of 32S was 15200 yuan/ton, that of 45S was 16300 yuan/ton, and that of 50s was 16750 yuan/ton. Shandong pure polyester yarn market also shows signs of weakness, and there are many small profit making behaviors, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. At present, 21s pure polyester yarn is reported at 14200 yuan/ton, and 32S is reported at 15, which can be controlled at 700 yuan/ton. At present, this change in the pure polyester yarn market is caused by two reasons: first, the downstream demand is increasingly reduced; second, the pressure and difficulty of maintaining price stability in the polyester staple fiber market are increasing, causing changes in the mentality of the downstream market. It is expected that the main tone of the pure polyester yarn Market in the short term is the weak downward adjustment. In addition, the pure cotton yarn market improved slightly, mainly stable; The cotton yarn market quotation is relatively stable, and the market transaction is obviously weak. Other polyester yarn varieties remain basically stable, and we will observe the changes in the polyester staple fiber market

at present, although the market quotation of polyester staple fiber is basically stable, the difficulty of maintaining a stable price in the polyester staple fiber market is evident from the prevailing profit making sales in the market. However, the energy of the positive factors in the polyester staple fiber market can not be ignored. Now the inventory pressure of polyester staple fiber enterprises is generally low, and the startup load of production enterprises is not high, which can ensure that the range and speed of the decline in the polyester staple fiber market will not be too deep and too fast. In addition, the purchase volume of MEG spot market, the upstream raw material of polyester staple fiber, is very small, and the production load of polyester factory has been significantly reduced, which has restrained the hype of MEG to a certain extent. If there are no other factors, the upward momentum of MEG should be very limited, which indirectly reduces the cost pressure of polyester staple fiber. However, the situation of the downstream market is still very worrying. Its performance is the most important factor for the polyester staple fiber market. Now its demand for polyester staple fiber is less and less, which will directly lead to the weakness and decline of the polyester staple fiber market in the near future

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