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Volvo's "top talent" star players compete in "who will compete"

Volvo's "top talent" star players compete in "who will compete"

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Guide: the third national excavator operator green fuel saving challenge of the "top talent" Volvo cup was concluded in Shanghai at the end of october2013. Outside the stadium, top talent is still active in everyone's eyes. Recently, Volvo Construction equipment was invited to participate in a TV program produced by Hunan TV station

the third national excavator operators' green fuel saving challenge of the Volvo Cup "dig war experts" was concluded in Shanghai at the end of October, 2013. Outside the stadium, dig war experts are still active in everyone's sight. Recently, Volvo Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the recording of a TV program who competes with Hunan TV station. Wang Yuan, a veteran who has participated in the challenge of "experts in excavation warfare" for three consecutive years, is willing to be recommended by Volvo. With his proficiency and fineness in excavator operation, he drove Volvo ec220dl to stage a big competition for Excavator Power and flexibility! During the recording of the program, Wang Yuan was willing to operate the excavator to complete difficult projects such as ballet, calligraphy, fried rice with eggs, hurdles, etc. He also competed with helicopters and speed racing cars, which completely overturned the traditional impression of the excavator industry and triggered widespread attention and heated discussion about excavators and operators

"three hundred and sixty-five lines lead to the number one scholar". The real masters are hidden among the people. "Who will compete" is a knowledgeable, entertaining and dramatic TV program launched by Hunan Satellite TV in 2012. Each episode is attended by experts from two opposing fields. By showing the leadership and advantages of the opposing sides in their respective fields, it creates a huge suspense about the confrontation results of the two sides, ensuring the interesting viewing and satisfying the audience's knowledge absorption of various industries. Excavators usually give people the impression that they are "big and slow to respond", but they are a very important part of the project construction and undertake the "most delicate and dexterous" work on the construction site. The characteristics of the work also put forward higher requirements for excavator operators. They should not only have stable psychological quality, but also skilled operation technology and resourceful wisdom. Wang Yuanyuan, who participated in the recording of "who will compete", has participated in the "expert in excavation and battle" competition for three consecutive years, and has been promoted to the "popular star" of the finals of the 2012 Volvo Cup National excavator operator green fuel saving challenge with outstanding talent and high popularity, which is worthy of being a star player who is good at literature and martial arts

Wang Yuan would like to express: "It's my pleasure to meet you again as the 'expert of digging warfare'. I have been engaged in this industry for more than ten years. This is the first time I have used an excavator to write calligraphy and stir fry eggs and rice. I didn't expect that this' big guy 'who usually looks heavy can do these jobs. Thanks to the' expert of digging warfare ', I have not only gained a lot of knowledge about fuel saving from the three-year competition, but also saved fuel and money in my daily work, which gives me confidence to reach the highest level in the world 2.38 demonstrate my operational skills in front of the Chinese people. "

who will compete has never lacked top challengers. Since the trailer was released, the excavator vs. speed racing special has attracted wide attention and strong interest from the audience. Ms. lifangyu, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment in China, said: "I am very happy to see that the contestants of 'top talent' meet with the national audience through the top program of Hunan Satellite TV, and show their professional style and professional skills on the national stage It is also one of our wishes to provide operators with a dream stage to show their skills in front of the people of the country. "

in the program who will compete with the competition, veteran Wang Yuan, the "expert in excavation and war", is willing to drive the ec220dl excavator to compete with the speed and passion of the speed racing car. Before the peak duel, it is more important to consider the personal safety of the operators. The "expert in digging and fighting" operates the excavator to complete hurdles, ballet, calligraphy and other performances without obstacles, fully demonstrating the "flexibility" of the machinery; At the same time, the "massiness and strength" of machinery was demonstrated through the "battle helicopter" challenge project; The unique cooking skill display of excavator shows the comprehensive strength of excavator in all aspects. In the final duel with the speed racing car, now the "dig battle Master" and the excavator have used their amazing reaction speed and accuracy to subdue the racing car in the galloping, which has lived up to the expectations of the public

with the popularity of this program on Hunan Satellite TV, more and more people began to pay attention to excavator operators and their industries. Use waste materials as much as possible. Although the third session of the "top talent in excavation" has come to an end, Volvo Construction equipment will further seek and explore the innovation and practice of efficient fuel strategy in China in the future. On this basis, it will build the first robot club in China, further focus on the demands of operators, strengthen their energy-saving awareness and professional skills, and advocate a new trend of energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole industry, Lay the foundation for realizing the green dream of the industry

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