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Who is the biggest boss behind the hot construction machinery market

who is the biggest boss behind the hot construction machinery market

machinery information should be closely inspected during the extrusion of Chinese engineering

the excavator sales data in March 2019 is fresh! The 25 major excavator manufacturers included in the statistics sold 44278 excavators in total, breaking the record high of 44059 excavators in 2011, the highest monthly sales in history

74779 excavators were sold in the first quarter of 2019, a year-on-year increase of 24.5%; A total of 69284 sets were sold domestically, a year-on-year increase of 23.9%; A total of 5450 sets were exported, with a year-on-year increase of 31.9%

what factors affect equipment sales? Let's have a look

factor 1: diversified equipment demand, good start-up payment collection

due to the good market situation this year, there are many promotional means such as spare parts and lottery, and the market is worried about the subsequent demand for overdraft. However, from the perspective of current commencement and downstream payment collection, there is no significant downward trend in commencement, the payment collection is in good condition, and the industry is healthy. From the perspective of equipment demand, the demand for this round of equipment sales growth comes from:

1) new investment, including the increase in equipment demand due to the change of engineering structure mentioned above

2) the renewal of existing equipment, especially the tightening of environmental protection policies, promotes the release of renewal demand

3) the growth of exports, especially the breakthrough of core components, has improved the competitiveness of domestic main engine manufacturers

factor 2: the downstream engineering structure changes to improve the equipment demand

according to the feedback: since the middle of March, due to the better weather in southern China, the commencement has rebounded significantly

in addition, flame retardants can be used to treat high molecular materials. According to the investigation in several provinces, the demand for self built houses in rural areas in downstream projects has weakened, but engineering projects have increased significantly, and the overall demand for cement is flat. As engineering projects have a greater demand for excavators, hoisting and concrete machinery, the change of downstream engineering structure will further enhance the overall equipment demand

factor 3: risk prevention and Control Symposium to promote the healthy development of the industry

at present, the industry risk control is very strict: the secondary market is more worried about the industry competition. In response, on April 3, China Construction Machinery Association held a symposium on the prevention and control of improper competition risks in the mining machinery market in Beijing

according to the investigation of many provinces and cities, it is a rare phenomenon to lower the transaction conditions at present. In general, the OEMs are very strict in risk control. However, as many researchers focus on the modification of PLA, the OEMs have set high market share targets for the agents. It is indeed common for the agents to strive for market share by reducing the small price. The association has put forward proposals to prevent the risk of unfair competition, It is conducive to guiding the sound competition of the main engine plant and the healthy development of the industry

factor 4: improved macro policies, stable sales of excavators

the moderate landing of infrastructure project interface is good for the demand for construction machinery, and the tax reduction policy is good for main engine manufacturers and core component manufacturers: the overall downward pressure on the economy is still large, and infrastructure investment as a counter cyclical stabilizer is indispensable in the short term. This year, the issuance of local bonds in advance is also conducive to ensuring the capital demand of existing infrastructure projects, and the growth rate of infrastructure is expected to continue to rise. In addition,

from April 1, the manufacturing value-added tax rate will be reduced from 16% to 13%. According to the survey, the terminal price of construction machinery has basically changed little since April, which is good for the main engine manufacturers that occupy a dominant position in the industrial chain and the core component manufacturers with bargaining power

2.15 trillion yuan of local government special bonds will be arranged in 2019, an increase of 800billion yuan over last year. In the month of 2019, the growth rate of infrastructure construction was 4.3%, 0.8% higher than that in 2018. Infrastructure construction began to rebound from the bottom, and the annual excavator is expected to continue to grow steadily

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