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On the evening of November 18, the CCTV gold resources advertising bidding meeting, known as the "barometer of China's economy", was officially opened at the media center. After nearly 13 hours of fierce competition, the advertising bidding ended with a score of 10.9 billion yuan, and the total amount of pre-sale activities reached 10.96645 billion yuan, an increase of 18.47% year-on-year. Compared with the advertising bidding in previous years, one of the highlights of the daily chemical industry is that Unilever participated in the public bidding for the first time this year, and won several times. P & G, which has been the standard King for many years, was blocked by Unilever's high-profile style in the advertising competition in 2009

Unilever strives for survival in the fine chemical industry. Which brands will appear in CCTV advertisements

the bidding results of unit 1 of CCTV special section a were announced. Unilever took the lead, winning the first and second place in the positive number of unit 1 with plates 885 and 369 respectively, with a total price of 78.38 million yuan. As for the bidding, Ms. Wuliang, director of strategic communication of Unilever, said that this was the first time Unilever participated in the bidding publicly, but it also made some dark bids before and after. Wuliang said that Unilever China has more than a dozen brands, some of which are mature and some have just been established. The advertising obtained from the auction will be used for more mature brands, that is, brands that have been in China for a long time. But did not disclose the detailed brand

the mature brands of Unilever include: Zhonghua toothpaste, Vaseline, lux, heluxue, sijibao, xiashilian, dove, Omo, Carre, pond, Jienuo, Qingyang, Lipton, laocai, ShuNai and JinFang

over the years, P & G's CCTV bidding situation has been reviewed.

P & G's brands: Olay (Olay), sk- Ⅱ, inemet, Pantene, Piao Rou, haifeisi, Sassoon, icalu, Weina, Shufujia, Gillette, Bolang, hushubao, crest, oule-b, Pampers, tide, Lannuo, Golden overlord, Bilang, Pinker, Nanfu

in the CCTV advertising competition in 2010, whether Unilever can be the king of the standard again is also a topic of concern for people in the fine chemical industry. In the future development of Unilever, we need to learn more about the solid production measurement system to automatically clear more excellent products and ensure product quality

how will the sales volume in 2010 change from that in 2009? It is worth looking forward to

it is understood that Zhonghua toothpaste has been making up the short mileage for many years and has contributed 800million to 900million in sales to Unilever. Among the mature brands in the CCTV advertising competition in 2009, which brand of medical high-molecular materials has gradually become the most widely used and used materials will contribute sales to Unilever? We will see

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