Who is the God of medicine for environmental gover

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Who is the "God of medicine" for environmental governance

simply and roughly asking for resources and plundering the environment will inevitably pay a heavy price. More experiences and lessons urge contemporary people to be kind to the environment. At present, the pace of environmental governance in China is getting faster and tighter

exposed mines, smelly landfills, and the discharge of turbid sewage... From energy to the environment, people have achieved what they need; From soil to water resources, people have left a "mess" that people can't bear to look at directly. For a long time, people's behavior towards the ecological environment has broken the balance between taking and giving back

however, have we ever thought that when the last gram of coal is looted from the mine, when the new landfill has no "foothold", and when we let the last drop of clean water flow into the sewer, the world we face will be endless desolation, full of garbage and the misery of sewage cross flow

the creator has used a long time to tell us that resources are not inexhaustible. Resources can be used, but not destroyed. We must respond to the demands of the ecological environment with measures of governance and restoration

due to the rapid development of industry and the lag of early treatment, the pollution problems left over by history are deeply buried in the land of China. Therefore, governance and restoration are inevitable for the construction of ecological civilization. Abandoned mines after mining need to be repaired, polluted rivers and lakes need to be treated and repaired, and lagging urban sewage pipelines need to be improved...

can the ecological functions of water and soil be restored with current technical means? What is the extent to which the treatment and repair can be achieved and there are quality and size problems

in blacksmith Valley, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, a large area of golden chrysanthemum is opening up and fluttering in the wind. Behind the golden landscape, almost no one can guess that it was once a landfill; On the abandoned Mentougou mine in Beijing, construction workers carried out ecological restoration, and then the hundreds of meters high cliffs along the Yongding River grew green layers; At present, the construction of "sponge city" which has attracted much attention reconstructs the sewage treatment system of contemporary cities with systematic and ecological thinking, and finds a good way for the sustainable management of water resources. The technology of governance and the means of restoration are writing a wonderful chapter in the construction of ecological civilization

however, governance requires conditions and costs. More experiences and lessons urge contemporary people to be kind to the environment. Accordingly, the pace of environmental governance in China is also faster and tighter

as an important ecological security barrier in Western China and an important water source and runoff producing area in the Yellow River Basin, Qilian Mountain has closed down and withdrawn more than 140 mining rights, and has fully completed the re evaluation of water resources demonstration; Anhui has put forward seven hard constraint mechanisms on the ecological environment, such as "banning new construction", "reducing stock" and "building new green", to orderly promote the relocation and transformation of polluting enterprises along the river; In terms of development strategy, the implementation of major ecological restoration projects has become a priority to promote the development of the Yangtze River economic belt; Since the establishment of xiong'an new area, environmental protection actions have been taken frequently. Baiyangdian ecological restoration and remediation actions and the special action for the centralized remediation of "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises in xiong'an new area have been issued one after another, striving to restore the function of Baiyangdian as the "kidney of North China" as soon as possible

at present, the policy system of soil environment and water environment is becoming more and more perfect. Soil environmental quality standards for the control of soil pollution risks on agricultural land (Trial) and standards for the control of soil pollution risks on construction land (Trial) have been implemented one after another, providing additional guarantee for the safety of the soil environment; The protection and restoration of the Yangtze River, the protection of water sources, the treatment of black and odorous water bodies and other water related campaigns are also strengthening the defense line of water environment treatment

the promotion of ecological governance and restoration shows people's new understanding of resources and environment, and also promotes sustainable development to a new level. Technology is progressing, and models are updating. "The remaining historical difficulties and complications of work, family, relatives and friends are being eliminated in new solutions

but is technology really the "God of medicine" for curing environmental trauma? Even if the original appearance can be restored, the resources are decreasing, the energy consumption is increasing, and the trace elements in the land and water environment do not know how long they will stay. We cannot give back the same amount of value to nature

it is clear that the promotion of each project and the achievement of each governance effect are not easy, behind which is the full support of human, financial and material resources. This also just brings people new reflection. Simple and crude demands must pay a heavy price. While paying attention to the development of soil remediation technology and the upgrading of sewage treatment equipment, the concept of "prevention first" is indispensable in the thinking of environmental governance. The process of ecological governance and restoration is long and will take more than ten years or even longer. The thinking of "pollution before treatment" is largely due to the lack of system. Only when the principle of "the environment is valuable and the damage is responsible" is made clear, can the pollution be stopped at the source

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