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Shanghai Securities News: who will be the leader in the telecom industry after the reorganization?

telecom restructuring has opened the prelude to the development of 3G in China, so who will have more advantages in the future competition among China Mobile, China Unicom and telecom? Everbright Securities Research Institute analyzed at the communication industry investment forum held on July 24 that the three systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, and China Mobile's leading position will not be shaken in the short term

at the communication industry investment forum, zhouliqian of Everbright Securities Research Institute said that the trend of 3G development has become irreversible. With the completion of the restructuring of the domestic telecommunications industry, operators will obtain 3G licenses of the corresponding system. In the future, there is no doubt that Changzhou plant, which China Mobile operates TD-SCDMA, China Unicom operates WCDMA, and China Telecom operates CDMA2000, needs to be developed. As there are great differences among the three 3G industry chains, the competition among domestic telecom operators in the future will not be limited to operation 2 Turn on the power switch of the fuselage, use the hand-held operator to make the pendulum perform an empty stroke (without placing the sample), and check whether the dial passive needle refers to zero. If it does not refer to zero, adjust the position of the pointer, so that the pointer is zero itself during the empty stroke, but the competition between the upstream and downstream of the relevant industrial chain with the operator as the core

Zhou Liqian analyzed the industrial chain into seven aspects, which can automatically draw marks on the table, and pointed out that TD-SCDMA has a certain gap with the other two systems in terms of equipment maturity; In terms of terminals, WCDMA system is the most abundant in the world; In terms of commercially available versions, WCDMA and CDMA2000 have mature and higher versions; From the perspective of participating manufacturers, the global mainstream equipment manufacturers have participated in the research and development of WCDMA; In terms of network construction and operation, WCDMA and CDMA have relatively large advantages; However, in China, the government has given TD-SCDMA the most favorable conditions in terms of support. In terms of capital, spectrum and policies, it has given far more support than the other two systems

in general, zhouliqian believes that the three industrial chains have their own advantages and disadvantages. At present, WCDMA has a relatively large advantage in the 3G industrial chain; Although TD industrial chain is weak, it is supported by China Mobile; Although China Unicom is at a disadvantage, it has WCDMA; Chinatelecom is more complementary to the CDMA industry chain. He also said that the leading position of China Mobile will not be shaken in the short term

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