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Fengcheng 7080 "success Cup" who is the king

Fengcheng 7080 holds the "success Cup" to train the internal staff's ability in speech. Speeches often think of "I am an actor", "I am a super speaker" At the beginning, J rgen Vig knudstorp, CEO and President of LEGO company, issued a statement saying: "this is an important step taken by LEGO Group to achieve the goal of 2030 for the development of magnificent and sustainable materials", "tell your story, we are listening to", "Mom and mommy" and other domestic mainstream variety shows. Fengcheng 7080 provides a small platform for employees to freely display their speech talents as much as possible.

who caused the "success Cup"

for two consecutive months from August to October, 2018, in order to complete the work within the time specified by the leaders, some employees of Fengcheng 7080 worked overtime until the early morning, and a few employees stayed up until four or five o'clock in the morning. After knowing this, the general manager's office made a deep reflection on the work they arranged. Due to their strict implementation of the specified plan and implementation within the specified time, the current weak market demand has not been improved and completed. As a result, many colleagues are in a high state of tension, which is likely to cause mental and physical discomfort. At present, it is autumn evening and staying up late for several days is easy to have a fever or a cold, which has hidden dangers to the physical and mental health of employees

think over and over again that the general manager's office has strict requirements on work, which leads to the following common situations of employees. In order to quickly relieve the high tension and short-term pressure of employees. In order to mediate the tension and pressure of employees, a "talent Cup" is specially set up as a keynote speech competition to deploy the tension and pressure of employees

1. Work hard for two consecutive months

2. Promote mutual understanding and healthy competition among internal staff

3. Relieve excessive pressure

4. Select high-quality staff for in-depth training

the general manager's office unanimously emphasizes that the work should be completed within the specified working hours. If you can work several hours late the next day after working late at night, you must ensure sufficient rest time and the work should be completed within the specified time, Physical health should also reach the health indicators on schedule within the specified time

who dares to challenge the "talent Cup" to win the first prize

the "talent Cup" is organized by Mr. Chen Zhao, the planner of the operation Department, who can feed back the winning list of the speech contest and the results of improving the durability by 50% to the general manager's office

"talent Cup" award setting

Activity Award grade: talent cup

activity award setting

first prize: 600 yuan

second prize: 300 yuan

third prize: 100 yuan

excellent prize: 50 yuan

speech contest time: October 14, 2018

speech contest time: 20 minutes or 30 minutes each

1. Participants can think about what you want to express before the competition, Write a paragraph about 100 words and submit it to the general manager. Projection is used throughout the competition. No writing is allowed on the whiteboard. Speak out throughout the competition. You can list several self expressed content frames on paper during the competition. You can't read them according to the draft or PPT. You need to interact with the audience. The content of the expression should be positive and progressive, have their own central idea, and give play to their oral level and ability to organize language on the spot

2. The content of the speech should be framed, organized, extensible, clear and fluent in language, powerful, powerful and confident. The whole speech should not be less than 20 minutes, and the whole time should be controlled at 30 minutes

3. Panic, lack of language organization ability, lack of hierarchical framework content statement, failure to stop in the course of speech or the cold time of more than 1 minute are considered as taotai

4. Before the speech contest, draw lots according to the number of participants to determine the order of appearance. The whole process is completed by the participants alone. No one is allowed to help in the speech process

7-day preparation for each person

on October 7, 2018, Chenzhao, the company's operation Department, announced internally that the company would hold a "talent Cup" on October 14, except for all the participants in the general manager's office. Many students entered their speech plan, and many more laughter came out of the office. The overall office atmosphere suddenly became much happier. Some students were happy that they would win the prize, and some students were sad that they might be nervous and not play well, Some students think this is an opportunity. I can let all students know that I have potential in a short time. It is more convenient to reserve time. Each participating colleague attaches great importance to this speech. At the same time, it is also an important stage to show his personal talents and have a deeper understanding of who he believes

what is the significance of the "talent Cup" to Fengcheng 7080

after the speech of the competition, the general manager office conducted a sampling survey and asked some colleagues in the competition how many companies they had worked in would hold internal speech competitions and set up bonuses and trophies. Only one of the dozen colleagues on the scene answered that they had worked in public security institutions, and all the colleagues answered that they had

director Lin, the company's chief design officer, delivered a speech on behalf of all

1. The company's internal speech contest has historical significance and is intended to shape talents for the company in the long run

2. Cultivate the potential leadership and speech ability of colleagues, so as to judge whether they can be trained as reserve talents

3. Stimulate benign competition between departments of the company, and competition will be the driving force

4. From standing on the podium, from being out of draft to facing the non professionals under the stage, do not easily operate and debug the equipment. Once the machine produces abnormal conditions, the audience does not change their face. The presentation is logical and calm. They are selecting the training object suitable for in-depth escort

5. The company spent money, time and energy. In order to hold the speech contest well, the bonus was not set high. It was equipped with a special projector, stereo, microphone (microphone) and invited special guests to the site for guidance. It can be seen that the company attaches great importance to internal training

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