Who is responsible for the falling off of more tha

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Who is responsible for the falling off of more than 30000 Marco Polo tiles as soon as they are pasted

who is responsible for the falling off of more than 30000 Marco Polo tiles as soon as they are pasted

november 26th, 2014

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because the tiles fall off, the tiles on the wall need to be removed and reworked

"the new house has just been decorated, and I bought more than 30000 high-grade tiles for careful decoration. However, before I could check in, the tiles were arched, hollowed out or even fell off, but the after-sales service is not guaranteed." Yesterday, Mr. Luo, a citizen of Fuzhou, reported to Haidu daily that no one was willing to take responsibility for this because Marco Polo, the construction party and the ceramic tile seller, said that there was no problem with the process and quality, which made him very upset

the reason for ceramic tile falling off is unknown

according to Mr. Luo, the new energy automobile industry will continue to grow rapidly in the future this year. In June, he built a Marco Polo ceramic tile store in the statistical material market in the south of Jin'an, Fuzhou, purchased more than 34000 yuan of fully glazed tiles, and paved them in the bathroom and kitchen restaurant of the new house. However, he did not wait to check in. On November 17, Mr. Luo accidentally found that the tiles on the two external corners of the bathroom were arched, and the tiles had left the base of the wall. Most of the other parts were empty, and even a few tiles fell off. "Fortunately, no one lives here. Otherwise, it would be terrible if the tiles fell down and hurt people." Mr. Luo said that now tens of thousands of yuan of ceramic tiles are facing rework, which is very distressing

Mr. Luo said that the earthwork master was recommended by Marco Polo tile shop, and the cost of paving and pasting alone was 12000 yuan. Luoxian company holds 70% of the equity of Yongxing new energy. Sheng found that the tiles in the kitchen and restaurant at the same time did not have the above problems. The tiles in the bathroom are the same as those in the kitchen restaurant, but the tiles in the bathroom are laid seamlessly, while the tiles in the kitchen restaurant are laid with seams, which is also recommended by the tile shop. Mr. Luo pointed out that the problem should be the seamless paving process of ceramic tiles. In the case of seamless paving, the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction arches the ceramic tiles. However, the brick shop said that this had nothing to do with seamless paving and refused to be responsible. The geotechnical master also said that there was no problem with the technology

the industry and Commerce suggested to coordinate and solve the problem.

yesterday, I contacted Xu, the manager of the ceramic tile shop. She said that there was no problem with the seamless paving process of ceramic tiles. If the tiles were expanded by heat and shrunk by cold, they would only crack. The problem was that the geotechnical master did not mix the tile glue properly, resulting in degumming. He also asked why the ceramic tiles in the two places are in good condition and have problems? She said that the glue was not adjusted at one time, and manual operation would inevitably make mistakes. The geotechnical master in charge of the Construction said that the industry knows that such tiles need to be retained, so even if the tiles are re pasted, if the tiles are laid seamlessly, they will continue to fall off

and listed it as an industry encouraged by the state. People in the Fuzhou decoration industry said that the recent changeable cold and hot weather does have an impact on the tiles, so it is generally recommended to leave joints between the tiles. However, the conditions such as edge collapse, arching and falling off are related to the process, tile glue and other factors

industrial and commercial personnel in Fuzhou said that the cost of home decoration building materials is getting higher and higher, but the supporting laws and identification methods have not been improved. However, citizens should not bear the loss. The ceramic tile problem involves many parties. It is suggested that the construction party, ceramic tile brand and ceramic tile glue brand should jointly identify and reach a mediation and compensation agreement

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