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Sofro sofron brand was founded in 2006 and is an authorized importer of wallpapers, wallcoverings and fabrics in China. It integrates original design, manufacturing and soft decoration services, and focuses on the innovation and effect realization of Chinese home soft decoration

sofro soffron brand was founded in 2006 and is an authorized importer of wallpapers, wallcoverings and fabrics in China. Integrating original design, manufacturing and soft decoration services, designers from Britain, Belgium, Italy and other countries form sofro sofran international R & D team, focusing on the innovation and effect realization of Chinese home soft decoration

since entering the designer platform, on the one hand, sofro sofran has relied on the designer's powerful online and offline integrated platform to improve the customer experience. Taking advantage of the designer's 3D cloud design software, it outputs 3D renderings according to the actual house type and model, showing customers not only a certain wallpaper, but also helping customers tailor their ideal home, You can also take 3D renderings and schemes away directly through sharing, and share them with your family at any time; On the other hand, sofro sofran captures the inspiration of the times, inherits the essence of culture, promotes a high-quality lifestyle, is committed to creating original wallpaper soft clothing with Chinese aesthetic temperament, synchronizes the world's top wallpaper fabric art for Chinese users, adheres to promoting development with innovation, and leads the industry trend

meet soffro soffron, within a square inch, enjoy the excitement

scan the QR code, and experience the excellent cases of soffro soffron soft decoration. The whole house roaming

at the Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition from June 14 to 17, soffro soffron brought soft decoration products from Germany, Belgium, Britain, Italy, France and China, and made a stunning appearance as a "VIP strategic partner of incredibly home", including wallpapers, wallcoverings Curtains, etc

the power of original design and the voice of original design have become the keynote of the exhibition, and the original works of sofro sofran have been widely praised. Rich products, fashionable and exquisite original patterns and exquisite advanced technology have attracted a large number of customers. In addition, sofro sofran took the lead in introducing Internet thinking, bringing the new retail mode and intelligent service operating system into the exhibition, becoming a pioneer in the innovative development of the industry, and leading the new fashion of Chinese home furnishings with the new mode of internationalization and intelligence

sofro's new product "rain and rain"

the texture of home life does not depend on the gorgeous stacking of materials, but on the appropriate light, material elements and carefully calculated life moving lines, interwoven into a pure relaxation above life

sofro sofran's new product Oslo

in low purity tones, metal shows its colorful color tendency, sometimes it is warm, with bronze and gold tones; Sometimes it is cold and shines with a faint green light

sofro's new product "Aden"

uses calm, soft and simple colors and soft fabrics to create a warm and fashionable urban lifestyle, which is pleasing to the eyes. Under the sunlight, the penetrability is completely extended to the extreme, adding a relaxed and free atmosphere to the calm, elegant and comfortable home environment

for many years, sofro sofran products have taken "environmental protection and home health" as the bottom line of business. In the future, sofro sofran will, as always, adhere to the concept of "we trace the source, only for outstanding dedication", and promote healthy and fashionable home experience and high-quality lifestyle. At the same time, sofro sofran will also be guided by market demand, combined with international advanced home decoration concepts and technologies, and lead China's home decoration industry with mature, professional, efficient and considerate products and services





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