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The wall is one of the facades of the family. Only by ensuring that the painting is uniform and appropriate, and the materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can we create a beautiful and healthy living environment

the simple process of painting process is usually: brush the wall with an interface agent &mdash& mdash; Insulation wall decal &mdash& mdash; Apply the first putty &mdash& mdash; Apply putty for the second time &mdash& mdash; Apply putty for the third time &mdash& mdash; Grinding &mdash& mdash; Brush primer &mdash& mdash; Brush the first coat of finish paint &mdash& mdash; Brush the second coat of finish paint &mdash& mdash; Completion acceptance

first, if it is an old house, the original grass-roots must be eradicated first. Check the original base course with a 2m guiding rule before scraping. If the error exceeds 5mm, use talc powder and white cement or gypsum powder for leveling

second, the wood base must be brushed with alkyd varnish, caulked with wood glue powder or atomic ash, and then pasted with kraft paper or special bandage. Be careful not to blister

III. 1&mdash can be used for the first putty; Scrape with a 1.5m guiding rule, and find the verticality and flatness of internal and external corners by snapping ink lines

IV. after the first putty is completely dry, the second putty can be applied. The second coat of putty is mainly to treat the wall surface to ensure that the wall surface is smooth and flat

v. the third putty is mainly for local patching. You can use the side illumination of the 200 watt bulb to check the flatness and make patching

VI. before the construction of finish paint, cover and protect the door edge, lock, cabinet edge and other places with paper tape, and clean the floating ash on the wall

VII. After painting the primer, use the primer to adjust the putty for repair and polishing, and then start painting the top coat

VIII. The finishing coat can be applied by brushing or spraying. If brush painting is used, it should be applied evenly from top to bottom, first vertically and then horizontally, and in the order of congenital flowers and walls, without obvious brush marks. How can decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. No flow is allowed. If spraying is adopted, special spraying equipment must be used

IX. after the first coat of finish paint is completely dried, the second coat of finish paint can be applied, and the interval between this periods should be at least two hours. The emulsion paint construction should be carried out at a temperature of more than 10 degrees Celsius, and the doors and windows should be sealed to prevent air circulation. The windows can be opened for ventilation only two hours after painting

X. after the completion of the second coat of finish paint, inspection and acceptance can be carried out to ensure that the wall is free of scratches, sagging, orange peel and other conditions





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