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Zhanzhitianhua has participated in the China International Door Industry Exhibition for the eighth time in a row, and has become the famous wooden door enterprise in Northeast China that has participated in the exhibition the most times and the largest scale in a row. Through the large platform of the international door exhibition, zhanzhitianhua has promoted the internationally renowned doors

the highly anticipated China International Door Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as cide) will be held in Beijing from March 13 to 16, 2013; Shunyi New Hall of China International Exhibition Center was held grandly, and China International Door Industry Exhibition has been successfully held for 11 times. Because of its large scale, high grade, strong representativeness, rich information and remarkable results, it has been fully affirmed and actively participated in by the industry. It is praised by the industry as "the vane and booster leading the development of the industry", and has become the preferred platform for domestic and foreign door enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Zhanzhitianhua has participated in the China International Door Industry Exhibition for the eighth time in a row, and has become the famous wooden door enterprise in Northeast China that has participated in the exhibition the most times and the largest scale in a row. Through the large platform of International Door exhibition, zhanzhitianhua has improved the image of internationally renowned door brands, cultivated market development channels, and taken greater steps in promoting industrial chain cooperation

first, zhanzhi Tianhua sets a new benchmark for industry specialization and personalization

at this China International Door Industry Exhibition, zhanzhi Tianhua will make an amazing appearance with a super large booth of nearly 400 square meters. Its unique European style and super large and super luxurious exhibition hall lineup will stand out and become the focus of the exhibition. During the exhibition, zhanzhi Tianhua will also grandly launch nearly 100 new wooden doors in 2013, with novel design and exquisite workmanship. What is more expected is that zhanzhi Tianhua will also launch epoch-making solid wood integrated household products for the first time in the country. The original Seiko will surely create a high-end quality life. After 19 years of leapfrog development, zhanzhi Tianhua has become a modern household building materials enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, leading the overall household consumption trend in China. It is the first large-scale wood industry enterprise in China that produces wood doors, solid wood doors, customized wardrobes and integrated household products in multiple lines, and its strength is far ahead in the household industry in China

every door exhibition, zhanzhi Tianhua will become a focus of attention. Because of its unique product design, outstanding quality, advanced production equipment and strong overall strength, it has been fully recognized and recognized in the industry. Tens of thousands of dealers and professional consumers visited zhanzhi Tianhua's booth. The products displayed by zhanzhi Tianhua have become an important wind vane and reference to judge the development direction and Prospect of annual wooden doors and household products

II. Zhanzhi Tianhua is optimistic about the market consumption potential in 2013

zhanzhi Tianhua has always maintained a strong bull market curve against the trend in the unpredictable market environment in 2012, and has fulfilled the annual sales target ahead of schedule and exceeded it, realizing the third consecutive increase in marketing performance. In this door exhibition, zhanzhi Tianhua will continue to use the exhibition platform to deeply cultivate the industrial chain, improve brand awareness, and set its sights on a broader future. Shi Feng, Secretary General of China Forest Products Industry Association, said that wooden doors involving thousands of households are currently in a period of vigorous development. Strong market demand has made the wooden door industry promising. With the introduction of rural urbanization, the promotion of hardbound housing, low rent housing policies and other measures, it will promote the formation of a huge consumer market. Market demand determines everything, and rigid demand makes the overall trend of the wooden door industry development and progress. Zhanzhi Tianhua believes that with the improvement of quality demand and consumption level, the design and production of the door industry will develop in the direction of personalization and differentiation. So recently, zhanzhi Tianhua will pay more attention to the original intellectual property rights and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and personalized customization will be the inevitable way out for the home furnishing industry. Zhanzhi Tianhua will continue to achieve "excellence and strength" in these aspects

III. zhanzhi Tianhua test water network investment attraction mode

at present, the network has gradually become an indispensable part of people's life. The convenience of e-commerce, which is not limited by time and space, has been pursued by young consumers nowadays. The latest research shows that China's Internet users have exceeded 538million, with an average of 2.73 hours online every day. Consumers are more willing to get online to understand the evaluation information of various products before shopping. They browse forums and send microblogs. The credibility of soft advertisements such as word-of-mouth has been stronger than the power of traditional advertisements. Soft communication in the fields of home furnishing, building materials, decoration, shopping, etc. will play a great role, and the future development of the door industry is bound to integrate into this trend of the times. Zhanzhi Tianhua believes that although the alliance with online e-commerce is affected by the characteristics of products and the acceptance process of e-commerce by consumers, with the increasing growth of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, they will gradually become the backbone of door market consumption, and online marketing will inevitably become one of the most important publicity and sales channels in the future. Tianhua wood industry group will make a new breakthrough in the construction of e-commerce mode in 2013. An online microblog interactive platform will be opened in this exhibition. Netizens and fans across the country can interact and communicate with zhanzhi Tianhua investment promotion team at any time to share the pleasure brought by products

with the rising cost of raw materials and the narrowing of technological differentiation, the traditional means of door industry competition has reached a bottleneck, followed by the new trend of door industry competition pattern. How to achieve the great future of door industry under this pattern, zhanzhi Tianhua will give you the best reference answer through this exhibition. As the brand description of zhanzhi Tianhua said, we are here for a wonderful world, and we will share it with you. Zhanzhi Tianhua will open the door of international quality life for you and change for your dream

(zhanzhi Tianhua exhibition area is located at No. e1-06, new hall, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing)





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