Cool your ass for a summer 12 breathable and cool

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Recently, the continuous high temperature has caused heated debate across the country. Is the hot temperature making you uneasy and irritable? Save the cool, start from your side. For example, the cushion we usually sit on, whether on the sofa, floor, chair, or even in the car, cannot be separated from the cushion. Then come and choose an affordable and cool cushion to cool our ass for a summer

part1: rattan tatami

cool your ass all summer 12 breathable and cool cushions recommended

tatami seat pier

brand: caoyiju

price: 115.20 yuan

editor's recommendation: this cushion is made of anasi natural banana leaves and superior vines. Natural stripes and deep and light colors, combined with exquisite and firm knitting techniques, make this the most elegant and heart clearing rattan cushion of the season

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