Mix and match new Chinese style purple decoration

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Follow the stairs to the top floor. The purple bookcases are intricate, like a maze that separates this place from the downstairs space; The functional areas of the top floor are separated by some special-shaped storage cabinets, which makes the whole storage space into an irregular shape. This unconventional visual beauty not only makes people particularly impressed, but also solves the storage problem

purple is still the main color here, bright and eye-catching, radiating through the whole wall and even the stairs. The use of light also determines the appearance of the space. Under the action of a little candle light, the simple corner stairs appear low-key and exquisite

the floor of the bathroom is decorated with a large number of exaggerated printing patterns, which has become the most eye-catching visual focus in the bathroom. A beautiful Chinese screen is used to separate the toilet area from the lavatory and bathing areas. The use area of the whole space is sufficient, so antique bamboo shelves are placed next to the independent bathroom to store towels, bath towels and other bath supplies

the lantern shape with Chinese traditional characteristics is selected for the lighting of the top floor to match with the charming purple. The Chinese style is easy to give people a dull and stereotyped impression, and then such local use and decoration can add luster to the room

in the corner of the ground floor, the floor to ceiling windows at right angles bring sufficient light to the space. Pull up the translucent Chiffon curtain, match it with a group of solid wood leisure sofas, and the mellow neutral tone only leaves a leisurely, comfortable and leisurely good time

the living room is the focus of home furnishing. We can see that the living room space on the top floor mixes postmodern and Chinese styles. The purple sofa continues the main color of the room. In terms of accessories, colorful Chinese Satin bags and bamboo sofa edges are used to create different spatial levels, making the room not only modern, but also stable and elegant. The all white restaurant in the back matches it, which has a fresh and unique feeling

the kitchen is decorated with silver stainless steel cabinets and mirrors, with a postmodern sense of sophistication and calm coolness. With palace lanterns and ancient paintings on the bar, it adds a little harmony and warmth to this slightly cold space





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