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Introduction: when consumers enter a clothing store, they only see simple clothing display and simple store decoration, which may not arouse their interest in buying. Clothing stores are an important part of brand style performance. Colorful clothing store design can not only create a good selling space, but also attract the attention of brand consumers and effectively retain customers' time in the store

when consumers enter a clothing store, they only see simple clothing display and simple store decoration, which may not arouse their interest in buying. Clothing stores are an important part of brand style performance. Colorful clothing store design can not only create a good selling space, but also attract the attention of brand consumers and effectively retain customers' time in the store. During this period, the store can systematically use the advertising in the store, the persuasion of the salesperson and other tools to promote customers' interest in the clothing itself, and finally complete the purchase process. So, how to design the atmosphere of clothing stores

first, color design

Color Design in the store is the top priority of store atmosphere design. Color is closely related to brand, indoor environment and clothing style. Effective color design can make customers feel the unique charm and personality of clothing brands from the moment they step into the store, sublimate customers' emotional factors, and finally mobilize their purchase desire. Generally speaking, customers' feelings about color in the store are as follows:

1, sense of space and weight

the softness and brilliance of color can strengthen or weaken the sense of space and weight in the store. For example, making the walls bright and bright will make people feel youthful and energetic; And if you paint with heavy colors, you will feel stable and solemn, which is more suitable for elegant and atmospheric clothing brands

generally speaking, bright colors can quickly intoxicate customers and stimulate the interest of young beauty loving women, but it is worth noting that ceiling, floor, shelf and in store advertising should be coordinated, and the colors should not be messy in order to make people feel fresh. And heavy colors should also be combined with shades, otherwise too much depression will make people feel dull and inhibit purchasing emotions. Specific to the application scope, bright colors are suitable for young women's wear, while thick colors are suitable for men's wear and formal wear

2. Illusion of warmth and coldness caused by color

when people see warm colors, they will associate them with scenery such as sunshine and fire, and produce warm, happy, warm, cheerful, active, and other emotional reactions. Seeing cool colors will remind people of the ocean, moon, ice and snow, green mountains, clear water, blue sky and other scenery, and produce quiet, cool, far-reaching, sad and other emotional reactions. However, careful taste, in fact, cold and warm colors can be subdivided. Among them, the colors of cold colors are divided into two kinds: solemn and energetic. For example, black, gray and other colors can make people feel solemn and stable; And bright blue and bright green will make people feel energetic, which is more suitable for some fashion brands. Warm colors are divided into warm and warm colors. For example, the jam red walls will make the store full of charm and enthusiasm, while the yellow and orange walls will make people feel warm and romantic

therefore, according to the role of warm and cold colors, operators need to carefully understand the meaning of their own brand and the style of clothing, and finally design the store atmosphere in combination with color

second, lighting design

lighting design can enhance the aesthetic value of clothing stores, and can play a role in changing the sense of space and giving space personality. Therefore, lighting is one of the important tools for store atmosphere design. The use of lighting is a systematic project. The author believes that the application should be analyzed from three aspects: brand style, decoration technology and the structure of the store itself. Here I want to emphasize that the role of light is not only to illuminate a space, but also to highlight the clothing itself and create an atmosphere. Therefore, the types and expected effects of clothing are the first factors that store designers should consider. Specifically, at the application level, lighting plays the following three types of roles:

1. Basic lighting

basic lighting is mainly to extend the light in the overall store, while keeping the tone in the store unified, so as to ensure the basic lighting in the store. Among them, the main application modes are embedded (such as floor lamp, roof bucket lamp) and direct ceiling lighting

2. Key lighting

for popular and key products, the application of key lighting is very important. Among them, the key lighting can not only make the product form a three-dimensional feeling, but also the strong contrast of light and shadow is conducive to highlighting the characteristics of the product. Of course, key lighting can also be applied to window displays, logos, brand spokesmen, and models in the store to enhance the unique effect of the brand. As for equipment, the commonly used equipment is mainly spotlight and wall lamp

3. Auxiliary lighting

the main function of auxiliary lighting is to highlight the color level in the store, render colorful atmosphere and visual effects, and enhance the attractiveness and appeal of products. Among them, there are many available lighting devices, which are no longer cumbersome here

of course, in addition to artificial light sources, the natural light flowing over time, the quality of light mapped on the surface of goods, the quality of light emitted from the surface of objects, the obvious tone of light itself and the color reproduction rate are also very important. Therefore, only after the system takes into account the various effects produced by light, the adjustment and application of various light sources can ensure that the light always renders the atmosphere of the store, highlights the display of goods, and enhances the effect of display

III. sound design

the competition of clothing stores is the competition of their brand heritage. In order to highlight the brand culture and concept, network and multimedia have gradually grown into a sharp weapon to show the characteristics of stores. Among them, the main functions of audio equipment are as follows:

a create a shopping atmosphere

b cater to customer psychology

c promote brand culture

d relieve customers' emotions

e alleviate employee fatigue

for the application level, it should be played according to the tone and clothing characteristics in the store. For example, fashion and pop music can be played in the clothing store full of youth and vitality; Vintage clothing stores can play classical music; Formal and professional clothing stores can play music with petty bourgeoisie sentiment; Children's clothing stores can put some cheerful nursery rhymes. At the same time, the store can also broadcast corporate image videos and product advertising videos through video equipment, so that customers can have a deep understanding of the brand

IV. odor design

like sound, odor can also bring customers a different feeling. Therefore, the smell in the store is crucial. Good smell will make customers happy, while pungent and strange smell will make customers leave soon. In some new stores, the paint smell left by decoration will make people feel pungent, and some new fiber clothing will also bring a little taste. In this case, it is also necessary to spray fresheners in the stores, which is not only conducive to removing odors, but also make customers happy. However, it should be noted that the dosage of freshener should not be too much when spraying, otherwise it will make people disgusted. It should be noted that the concentration of freshener should be consistent with the upper limit of customers' smell

v. rest area design

urban people are tired in business and politics, and their physical and mental fatigue is self-evident. Under the condition of large store area, operators can skillfully set up rest areas to create a shopping "paradise" for customers. Among them, a delicate bar, several bottles of high-end foreign wine, 35 connected notebooks and magazines full of leisure and fashion can completely ease the tension of customers. At the same time, the ingenious setting of the rest area can also invisibly divide the clothes of different styles, and after the rest, customers can also appreciate the advertisements and brochures of the terminal, so as to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone

VI. ventilation equipment design

some hot selling stores have a large passenger flow, and the air is easily polluted. In order to ensure that the air in the store is fresh and unobstructed, and the temperature is appropriate, air purification measures should be taken to strengthen the construction of the ventilation system. Generally speaking, the sources of ventilation can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation can save energy and ensure proper air inside the store. Generally, small stores use this ventilation method. However, large-scale clothing stores or stores in shopping malls must be connected with large-scale mechanical ventilation equipment to exchange air in time, so as to ensure the pleasant mood of customers when shopping





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