6 major schemes achieve the secret of saving money

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Everyone hopes that their home will be decorated comfortably and beautifully to save money. Speaking of "saving money" here does not mean reducing the quality and effect. On the key issue of decoration, the money that should not be saved cannot be saved, and no more money should be spent

everyone hopes to decorate their home comfortably and beautifully, saving money, here “ Save money ” It does not mean that the quality and effect are reduced. On the key issue of decoration, the money that should not be saved cannot be saved, and no more money should be spent

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some people say that you don't always want to do the most things with the least money. There is nothing so cheap in the world. But what we want to say here is to grasp the important part and invest more in the energy province and the original local province. Always pay attention to whether the price of things you buy is reasonable compared with the market, not necessarily the cheapest. Although “ Better buy than sell ”, But we can still find some ways to save money

the main ways to save money in home decoration are as follows:

first, a reasonable design scheme is the premise of saving money. When you have a new house, how to plan it begins. You should have a “ Spectrum ”. Whether it's your own arrangement or asking a professional company to carefully design it for you, it's very important to know it well. Complete and unified design can minimize waste; If there is no design or only simple design, it is difficult to save money by making changes while knowing well

second, use a reasonable budget plan to control the total amount of decoration. During the construction process, it is inevitable that there will be changes or modifications to the decoration works, so the increase and decrease records should be made with reference to the original project list, so that the reduction items can be cleared in the final accounts

third, shop around and choose materials. When the overall layout of the house is finalized, you have to prepare a ruler, pen and notepad and go to the decoration material market to do it “ Research ”. The quality of decorative materials is divided into upper, middle and lower levels, but the same level of materials will have different prices due to different sources, so the quality ratio of three is always applicable. When purchasing materials, try to invite designers or decoration workers to go with them, so that they know where to buy high-quality and low-cost materials, and get twice the result with half the effort. In addition, it is also feasible to rely on decoration companies to select materials. Decoration companies have fixed outlets in material selection. Due to large quantities of material selection, the quality is stable and the price is relatively low

IV. construction technology “ Make the finishing touch ” Methods. The key decoration places can choose high-grade materials and fine workmanship, which will look high-quality; The decoration of other parts can adopt simple and lively methods, with common materials and simple workmanship

v. avoid decoration in peak seasons (holidays and the end of the year), when the price usually rises by a certain amount

VI. select an excellent construction team to prevent rework. It's best not to directly find a construction team or an acquaintance to decorate. It seems to save money. In fact, it may cause greater economic losses due to your wrong choice. Don't look for a newly opened decoration company, because the economic losses caused by the mistakes of an immature company may eventually be passed on to the householder




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