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Prevention of heavy metal pollution urgently needs to establish scientific detection standards

heavy metal pollution has become a word that makes people pale in recent years. According to the common interpretation of academic circles, heavy metal pollution refers to environmental pollution caused by heavy metals or their compounds. It is mainly caused by mining, waste gas discharge, sewage irrigation and the use of heavy metal products. Due to human activities, the content of heavy metals in the environment increases beyond the normal range, and leads to the deterioration of environmental quality

it was found in the interview that heavy metal pollution is actually a very complex problem, and people should not be too panic while being highly vigilant and strengthening prevention

mercury in cosmetics exceeds the standard seriously

recently, a report on the investigation of heavy metals in whitening and freckle removing cosmetics jointly released by a number of environmental protection organizations was released. The report points out that the contents of mercury, arsenic and lead in whitening and freckle removing cosmetics in China's cosmetics market exceed the standard to varying degrees

according to reports, from March to April 2012, a number of respondents selected whitening Freckle like "Consumers also hope to use natural materials to make cosmetics for packaging materials, and use handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer to detect whether these two types of cosmetics in the Chinese market contain mercury. This instrument is used by some companies, government departments and scientific research institutions to detect the content of heavy metals in food, consumer goods and other substances such as soil, dust, alloy, ore, etc. the test results show that 23% of the products contain mercury The amount exceeds the standard, up to more than 40000 times the national standard (1ppm). Nearly 10% of the products contain arsenic or lead that exceeds the national standard

"the use of whitening and freckle removing cosmetics containing mercury will cause mercury poisoning, mercury poisoning nephropathy, cerebral asthenia syndrome and other diseases." Haofengtong, director and chief physician of the Department of occupational disease and poisoning medicine of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said

"we don't see any twists and turns on the packaging of products with excessive heavy metal content. The rod of the mechanism turns to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob) and the label indicates that the ingredients contain mercury, lead and arsenic, which violates the relevant national standards." Wang Qiuxia, the investigator in charge of this work, said that according to the instructions for the use of consumer goods - General labels for cosmetics (gb5296), Since June 17, 2010, all domestic and imported cosmetics produced or imported for inspection and sold in China must be truly marked with the Chinese standard names of all ingredients added to the product formula on the product package

according to Hao Fengtong, the time of using whitening and freckle removing products for several patients with mercury poisoning in cosmetics in his department is not the accumulation of months to years often seen in the past, but only a short month! However, its clinical symptoms and mercury content in the body are much higher than the average level of patients with long-term use in the past. There are two reasons: first, the whitening and freckle removing product mercury used by patients exceeds the standard seriously, and the poisoning has a dose-effect relationship; Clinicians use the poisoning performance of patients to deduce the excessive mercury in products, which is often confirmed by relevant test results. Second, the degree of serialization of whitening and freckle removing products is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the patients who are treated are not only connected with the screws of the vertebral body at the tail end, but also take time to apply some whitening and freckle removing cream. They use a "set meal". It is said that according to different periods of the day, they need to use day cream, facial mask and night cream respectively

products with excessive heavy metal content were found in 10 cities sampled this time. A more interesting discovery is that seven products that exceed the standard come from famous electronics, but their performance cannot meet the requirements of rubber tensile test. Shopping station - Taobao

lack of detection means

compared with the shocking heavy metal pollution events that have occurred frequently in various places in recent years, the content of heavy metals in cosmetics exceeding the standard is a little "small and big"

at the beginning of this year, the cadmium pollution incident occurred in Longjiang River in Guangxi, which affected about 300 kilometers downstream. It is another major malignant event in the history of heavy metal pollution in China. An expert involved in the disposal of the incident publicly said, "this cadmium pollution incident is rare among all previous heavy metal environmental pollution incidents in China"

in recent years, only cadmium pollution events have occurred, including the serious cadmium exceeding standard event in Shaoguan section of Beijiang River in Guangdong Province in 2005, the cadmium pollution accident in Zhuzhou section of Xiangjiang River in Hunan Province in 2006, and the cadmium pollution event in Liuyang City, Hunan Province in 2009

according to the data of the Ministry of environmental protection, the heavy metal pollution incident in 2009 caused 4035 people to have excessive blood lead and 182 people to have excessive cadmium, causing 32 mass incidents

in addition, Hao Fengtong also believes that, "No one doubts that Mercury, cadmium, manganese and other heavy metals and metalloid arsenic have a greater harmful effect on children than adults, but so far, the medical community has no separate diagnostic technical standards for mercury poisoning in children, cadmium poisoning in children, manganese poisoning in children and arsenic poisoning in children. Looking at the medical institutions in most regions of China, compared with the blood lead detection methods, the detection resources of other heavy metals and metalloids are more scarce. The adult diagnostic scale, Coupled with the lack of corresponding detection methods, will it make us ignore the actual situation of some heavy metal pollution? "

Shang Qi, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, believes that with the rapid development of China's economy, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent. In recent years, mass emergencies caused by environmental pollution have occurred almost every year. Coping with environmental water pollution events will be one of the long-term important tasks of environmental management departments. Therefore, relevant departments should further refine and improve relevant standards to better deal with heavy metal pollution incidents

"in terms of the detection standard of lead, when people judge adult lead poisoning, they first need to confirm whether there is damage to the nervous system, digestive system and blood system. On the basis of clinical symptoms, combined with the excessive situation of blood lead and urine lead, they make a comprehensive judgment. The judgment of blood lead often starts from 400 micrograms/liter, and the judgment threshold is significantly higher than the benchmark of child lead poisoning." Hao Fengtong said that the current determination of lead poisoning in children basically does not consider whether there are positive signs of damage to the nervous system, digestive system and blood system, and only takes blood lead as the "gold standard" for diagnosis. This brings a problem worthy of attention. Medical institutions that conduct blood lead testing for children must confirm that their instrument and equipment configuration, test method selection and personnel technical level meet the corresponding quality management requirements, because what you provide is the "gold standard" for the diagnosis of lead poisoning in children

"from the disposal process of some environmental pollution events, the lack of population health risk assessment in the decision-making of emergency plans is a big lesson." Shang Qi said that the evaluation of population health risk should be based on scientific data to analyze problems, and its element is to quantify various environmental risk factors and health hazards. At present, the focus of scientific research in the field of environment and health in China is still focused on qualitative research, that is, answering whether an environmental factor has caused harm to the health of the population, "This mode of scientific research is seriously out of line with the government's environmental management needs, and it is difficult to provide the scientific information needed for environmental management decisions, which also makes the research of environment and health difficult to develop sustainably. Therefore, the future research of environment and health in China should no longer answer the judgment of 'yes' and' no 'or' yes' and 'no', but quantitative (graded) Explain the impact of the environment on health. It is the most urgent need to carry out research on the risk assessment of the impact of the environment on population health and accumulate basic population health assessment data. "

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