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Deeply rooted in the brand of water quality monitoring instruments, it is urgent to cultivate "internal skills"

Abstract: when cultivating "internal skills", we can protect the "life defense line" through mergers and acquisitions, resource integration, complementary advantages and strong cooperation, and finally build an invincible and invincible "water quality monitoring kingdom"

clean air, water and soil no longer seem to "appear easily". Especially in recent years, as the "source of life", water can be seen everywhere in the form of toxic water, black water and smelly water. Before the appeal of the water quality monitoring industry, no one has ever sent out a "call for help" to the cause of environmental protection. Surface water is an important part of this chain

in the new economic era, China's international comprehensive competitiveness is doubling day by day, and its international influence is unprecedented. However, it is undeniable that this is the best time and the worst time. The unreasonable consumption of resources, the prominent disadvantages of production methods, and the lack of technology in some fields have created many "bottlenecks" in the current development

clean air, water and soil no longer seem to "appear easily". Especially in recent years, water, as the source of strategic priorities such as "targeting the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment and new materials", can be seen everywhere in the form of toxic water, black water and smelly water. Before the appeal of water quality monitoring, no one has ever issued a "call for help" to the cause of environmental protection. Surface water is an important part of this chain

surface water covers a wide range of rivers, lakes, seas, glaciers, marshes and snow that we touch visually. As one of the main sources of water for human life. It is self-evident that the amount of fresh water that is updated year by year is important for updating the amount of fresh water, improving water quality and promoting the balanced use of water resources! It is also the source of groundwater and drinking water. It is no exaggeration that once the water quality is polluted, it will cost life

because of this, the national policy has never been stingy in the investment and attention in the field of water quality. The heavy introduction of the "ten water items" was followed by the "13th five year plan" environmental monitoring quality management work plan and the "2017 national ecological environment monitoring work points", which focused on surface water monitoring, and the "measures for the performance evaluation of special funds for water pollution prevention and control" affected by environmental protection measures The newly revised "law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution" and other policies give full play to the role of the central environmental protection inspector from the top-level design. Improve the monitoring technology and quality control system in a multi-level, wide range and all-round way, so as to carry out the water quality monitoring project scientifically and normatively

equally important, local provinces and cities, such as the first substantive law of Jiangmen, "Regulations on water quality protection in the Tanjiang River Basin", Shaanxi "joint work plan for non state controlled water quality monitoring data", Dongguan pilot water quality assessment and incentive mechanism, and the establishment of diversified ecological environmental protection mechanism, actively offer advice and strategies to win a good "hotbed" for innovation and development in the water quality inspection and testing market

insight into the market outlook. In 2016, the scale of water pollution control ranked first in the field of environmental service segmentation. In 2016, the benefits of more than 68billion yuan came to a perfect end, exceeding one quarter of the total industry revenue. Under the double overweight of policy driven and demand upgrading, it can be predicted that the peak of comprehensive water pollution control will be expected in the future

in fact, for agricultural water, rural water pollution prevention and control, and the protection of people's domestic water, which are in the weak link of the industrial chain, a number of provisions have been strengthened in the revision of the new law. To a certain extent, it means that the rural sewage treatment market may be released one after another, and the water pollution prevention and control in the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" is poised to open a new blue ocean in the water quality monitoring industry

from the current analysis, the pace of the second half of 2017 has become increasingly firm, and the national surface water monitoring authority has gradually entered the final period. Manual monitoring is supplemented by automatic monitoring to monitor 2050 assessment sections. In this process, imported brands such as semefi, antonpa, Hashi instrument and American aohaosi instrument, which are deeply engaged in water quality monitoring, occupy a huge market share in the water quality analysis and detection instrument market. Fortunately, domestic high-quality brands such as spotlight technology, Tianrui instrument and Jingda instrument focus on the field of water quality monitoring, go deep into the dialysis of water pollution control environmental service industry, and create a new battlefield for domestic instruments in the field of water quality monitoring

looking forward to the future, until the added weight is equal to the weight of the heavy object, the water quality monitoring project cannot be achieved overnight. As far as philosophy is concerned, contradiction is the fundamental driving force for the development of things. Deep ploughing water quality monitoring instrument brands and third-party monitoring institutions really need to actively fight, integrate the heavy responsibility of environmental protection with their own development, grasp the main contradiction of water pollution at this stage, comply with the general trend and combined with market demand, and correctly choose the path and rhythm of water quality monitoring. At the same time, we should not forget to drive the upgrading of product performance with technological updates, and realize high-precision detection with professional services. When cultivating "own internal skills", we can expand resources through mergers and acquisitions. The elastic bandage tensile tester of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is applicable to the tensile performance testing and integration of various knitted fabrics of the same type, complement each other's advantages, and work together to protect the "defense line of life", and finally build an invincible and invincible "Kingdom of water quality monitoring"

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