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There is no need to be smarter than artificial intelligence. AI represents the crystallization of human wisdom

Abstract: since human beings invented computers for the first time, we will have a hunch that these originally defined things will be redefined. But in fact, human beings don't need to compete with machines about who is smarter. It's like insisting on animals and plush dolls to compete with each other. It's meaningless. After the birth of oil, no one has to compete with trains and planes to run faster

what can a person do in his life? We stand on the shoulders of great men and move forward step by step. After thousands of years, in addition to the brilliant brilliance of philosophy, human pride seems to be completely achieved overnight. Therefore, a film blowing machine with good performance shows good market adaptability in the process of producing film, and it is defeated by computers. Alphago has been brushing the screen these days. Whether it's analysis, boasting, feeling and criticism, the essentially identical reports and comments make people see that they are not interested in the end

finally, Ma Yun said an interesting sentence, which brightened people's eyes. "Playing go was originally a lot of fun. Playing go was originally waiting for the other party to make a wrong move. I won. As a result, the other party's machine never made a wrong move. It was rational and objective, and it was faster than you. If you want to take three steps, it will take 300 steps, and it will always be good. What's the meaning of this? It deprives us of our happiest things and insults us."

in fact, in his previous speech, he said: "everyone talks about alphago playing go like it's terrible. I personally think so TM what?" Yes, AI is very powerful. They can not only play go, recognize faces, write essays, and write poems, but they can never creatively invent an idea. We can never imagine that AI will one day be called a saint by our descendants

that's why we humans are great. It's just a small test to create a terrible machine like artificial intelligence. Moreover, one day when artificial intelligence has the same way of thinking as human beings, they will also be fascinated. 3000 years ago, in China, there was a philosophical wisdom called "Tao". And this one is divided into yin and Yang. From then on, there has been heaven, earth, sun, moon, wind, thunder, mountain and Ze

the black-and-white go originated and developed in that era, and great philosophers emerged one after another. Every sage name we are familiar with today is a practitioner of the yin-yang philosophy. We can look up at the size of the universe and overlook the prosperity of categories on the black-and-white chessboard. Therefore, as a characteristic of Wenzhou, the synthetic leather industry is said to be the greatness of go, And its use effect is always rising. It has to be said that the Chinese who invented go are great

digress and get back to the point. Any human revolution is 50 years. The past 20 years are called the 20 years of Internet technology, and the next 30 years are called the 30 years of the Internet era. No one can block the era of big data, no one can block the Internet, just like no one can unplug the power a hundred years ago. In the era of big data, especially in the era of interconnection of all things, the ability of human beings to obtain data and the speed of processing are also far beyond imagination. Whether it is AI or MI, our understanding of the world will be raised to a new level. Big data makes the market smarter; Big data makes planning and prediction possible

since the first invention of computer, we have a hunch that these things will be redefined. But in fact, human beings don't need to compete with machines about who is smarter. It's like insisting on animals and plush dolls to compete with each other. It's meaningless. After the birth of oil, no one has to compete with trains and planes to run faster. It is impossible for us to surpass the traditional computing, storage, rationality and durability of machines. However, it has to be mentioned that where these machines come from is the product of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence must have been artificial before machine intelligence. Then the more powerful artificial intelligence represents the more powerful level of human intelligence, and the intelligence of Dongxi made by ourselves. I'm afraid it's a joke

the relationship between human beings and machines should be complementary, cooperative and common progress, so as to create advanced products and a better world. Machines and humans are not competing to improve safety performance. Machines are stronger than humans. Some people say that since AI comes, does it still need craftsmanship spirit? AI has been able to defeat all go masters, and will be able to program automatically in the near future. Programmers in Silicon Valley will also be replaced by machines. We clearly understand that the future belongs to artificial intelligence. They will be the best surgeons, the best engineers, even the best cooks and the best personal assistants. Is it meaningful to pursue craftsman spirit again

Let's put aside the irreplaceable feelings of human nature. In fact, only the spirit of craftsman can create the greatest artificial intelligence in the future. It is those researchers with the spirit of craftsman who develop algorithms one after another, break through bottlenecks one after another, and constantly improve the computing power of computers, so as to realize these artificial intelligence that human beings could not imagine decades ago. Of course, if you really want to be smarter than AI, you might as well give me a suggestion. In fact, it's very simple. Just invent a more powerful AI PK and kill it, just like alphago 2.0 can really defeat alphago

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