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On New Year's Eve, the five-star hotel Huangchao Wanxin international building, the tallest building in Shenyang, caught fire due to improper fireworks. This time, fireworks and firecrackers have become the main culprit, and the flammable external thermal insulation materials of exterior walls have become accomplices to the fire. People once again raised questions about the flame retardancy and safety of building thermal insulation materials: is there a contradiction between the flammability of thermal insulation materials and the fire prevention of buildings

from the CCTV building fire in Beijing, to the "11.15" fire in Shanghai, and then to the high-rise fire in Shenyang this year, painful lessons remind us once again that the flame retardant performance of building insulation materials is important for building safety. The "11.15" fire in Shanghai was caused by the judgment of the experimental results: unqualified polyurethane insulation boards were used at the construction site. If the polyurethane materials meet the national flame retardant grade and reach the flame retardant grade, even if the welding sparks fall on these fragmented polyurethane materials, it is impossible to ignite

relevant experts said that the performance of thermal insulation and fire prevention in building thermal insulation materials can actually coexist. Flame retardants and other materials must be added in order to improve the fire protection performance while keeping heat and saving energy, but the cost is also high. Ordinary materials cost twoorthree yuan per cubic meter, and the price of materials with good performance may become thousands of yuan. According to the current national conditions and economic development level, general construction developers may not be able to afford such high costs. Since there is no clear regulatory constraints, now let's first introduce some details of accessories of products. Due to the constraints of economic cost, many buildings use relatively cheap materials. In case of fire, ordinary materials are easier to burn and cause greater losses, mainly including ultrasonic vibration drilling, ultrasonic vibration grinding and ultrasonic vibration milling

experts pointed out that at present, the Ministry of construction is comprehensively implementing the mandatory energy-saving standard of 50% for new buildings, and as the material with the best thermal insulation performance at present, polyurethane rigid foam is the building thermal insulation material with large consumption in the world. The market potential of polyurethane building thermal insulation materials with fire retardant grade up to the standard is huge. The state should issue relevant policies and regulations to regulate the use of building thermal insulation materials, so that people can have "peace of mind", and polyurethane thermal insulation materials with high fire retardant and good thermal insulation performance can be more widely used in the construction market

at present, Britain, the United States and other countries have formulated laws and regulations to prohibit the use of benzene boards with poor fire prevention ability in high-rise buildings. China should also formulate strict fire prevention regulations for thermal insulation materials and effectively supervise them, so as to arouse the social awareness of the quality of building thermal insulation materials through administrative means, and prevent the tragedy of fire escalation caused by building thermal insulation materials from happening again

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