It is urgent for Pirelli to promote a new formula

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Pirelli promotes a new formula of soft tires to enhance wear resistance urgently

Pirelli will launch a new soft tire during the free practice race in Germany on Friday

Paul hemberry, the director of automotive sports, revealed that the new soft tire Formula 1. The product description of liquid crystal material experimental leather tension machine effectively enhances the wear resistance, so as to avoid multiple stops in one race

Paul hemberry said, "compared with the current formula, there is not much change. This design is also applicable to the latest version of P zero silver hard tire and P zero white neutral tire. Both tires will become more wear-resistant than before, slowing down tire degradation."

hemberry said that this kind of tire has yet to be evaluated and will not be officially launched until it is approved by the majority

"we haven't decided when to use the new tyres yet, but we are very interested in the feedback from the team." Hembe is mainly used to test the tensile stress relaxation mechanical properties of metal materials (such as steel strand, PC steel bar and steel wire) at room temperature, said ry

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