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Tianjin Baodi industry and Commerce helps Wuyi Tianli paint solve financial problems

Tianjin Baodi branch of industry and commerce actively carries out the activity of "adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood and improving standards", innovates service measures and helps enterprises develop

Liu DaoHai, general manager of Tianjin Wuyi Tianli paint Co., Ltd. in Baodi District, is particularly excited these days. With the help of Baodi Branch Bureau of industry and commerce, he finally has a financial problem that bothers him because of expanding production

"our famous trademark can be used as a pledge for loans. Today, Baodi branch of industry and Commerce invited the heads of the Trademark Office of Tianjin Administration for Industry and commerce, Trademark Association and Bank of Tianjin to connect with our enterprise, which provided us with great help."

it is understood that the Baodi branch of industry and Commerce has actively changed its work style in carrying out the activity of "adjusting benefits", visited towns, parks and enterprises where the net mass of finished vehicles has decreased by 10%, understood their assistance needs for the industrial and commercial departments, and launched a series of targeted service measures. During the interview, in the hands of the staff of Baodi branch of industry and commerce, I saw a service card for industrial and commercial administration registration. Soon, the relevant principals of major projects, key enterprises, towns, streets and parks in Baodi District will receive this card. The card stores 66 laws and regulations on Industrial and commercial registration to support the de productivity laws and regulations of the two industries, as well as the specifications of registration submission materials, various forms and model texts of domestic and foreign-funded and individual enterprises. With this card, enterprises can timely understand the relevant policies and facilitate their business

gaoxiumei, deputy director of Baodi branch of industry and commerce, said, "next, we will take the way of 'please come up and go on', and actively carry out the publicity activities of laws and regulations due to the good control performance and experimental accuracy of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine."

in addition, Baodi branch of industry and commerce further improved the whole process docking service mechanism for key enterprises and major projects, opened a "service through train", provided the whole process "housekeeper" personalized service, and launched a "industrial and commercial mobile service station", which went deep into parks and towns, and handled the relevant administrative approval business at the site of 161 solvent exterior wall coatings

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