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Advantages and disadvantages of urea used in disperse/reactive dye one size printing

urea has a certain effect on the color giving amount and brightness of reactive dyes. It is not necessary to read table 3. Fatigue testing machine sheet metal: it is the appearance of fatigue testing machine. It is a protective layer, recording and calculation, as well as the fixation of disperse dyes on polyester. It also has a significant effect on preventing yellowing of cotton fiber caused by alkali agent at high temperature. However, at a high temperature of 131 ℃, it will melt, evaporate and decompose. It can form a co melt with disperse dyes and promote the diffusion of disperse dyes into cotton fibers, resulting in serious contamination. It can also promote the contamination of reactive dyes to polyester, so the contamination of two fibers will reduce the brightness after printing, and also affect the color fastness. Therefore, he warned that adding urea to the color paste has both advantages and disadvantages, and a reasonable dosage needs to be selected

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