It is urgent to eliminate backwardness

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It is urgent to eliminate backwardness

at present, China has entered a critical period of adjusting the economic structure and promoting sustainable development

on the one hand, the external pressure faced by China's economic restructuring has increased. On the other hand, due to the long-term accumulation of irrational contradictions in the economic structure, the problems of unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable development have become increasingly apparent, which are highlighted in the imbalance of demand structure, the use of clips of special materials, the uncoordinated supply structure, the low efficiency of factor utilization, the great environmental damage, and the unreasonable spatial layout. All these require that China must adjust its industrial structure

from the specific situation of China's industrial development in recent years, although structural adjustment has made some progress, the overall progress is not fast, and the regions and industries are not balanced. Overcapacity and redundant construction in many fields are very prominent, and some are even intensifying

at present, the output value of China's metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other high energy consuming industries accounts for only 20% of the total industrial output value, but the energy consumption exceeds 60% of the total industrial energy consumption. Backward production capacity not only occupied the market space of advanced production capacity, but also caused a structural shortage of resources

the extensive development mode and the accumulation of a large number of backward production capacity make China import a large number of iron ore, crude oil and other resources from abroad every year. These factors directly cause the increase of China's industrial production input costs. At the same time, the products produced lack sufficient competitive advantage because of low technical content and serious homogenization. This industrial environment with high cost and low added value of 6800 ton servo energy-saving two plate injection molding machine will eventually lead to vicious competition in the market, and the wealth created by Chinese workers working day and night will also be mercilessly diluted

in the face of such a severe situation, Li Yizhong, Minister of industry and information technology, looked to see if he could help you cry out: in terms of adjusting the industrial structure and promoting the transformation of the development mode, we have no choice. The later we act, the more passive we become, and the more we act, the greater the delay in achieving the goal of rough dumping. We must speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, fundamentally change the extensive development mode of high input, high consumption, high pollution and low output, and improve the sustainability of economic development and international competitiveness

from the perspective of resources, the extensive development model has been unsustainable. The development mode that relies on the consumption of about 45% of the world's resources and creates a development mode accounting for only 8% of the world's GDP. While environmental pollution has deteriorated sharply and strategic resources have been consumed continuously, the path has become narrower and narrower, and the cost has become larger and larger

if China's economy wants to stand on a new height of development, it must learn from the painful experience, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, actively develop strategic industries, and transform traditional industries with high and new technology

accelerating the transformation of economic development mode is to realize the transformation of economy from extensive growth to intensive development, from extensive management to independent development, develop products with independent intellectual property rights, and take the road of refinement and lean. That is, we should more actively promote technological transformation, improve the scientific and technological level of existing industries, further strengthen R & D investment and research cooperation, and adhere to the path of independent innovation

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