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It is unreasonable to accuse China on climate and environmental issues; People of all countries have an account in their hearts for who is making contributions and who is adding trouble

some American politicians have long been known for their "big backsliding" position on climate and environmental issues. It is ridiculous that in order to slander and discredit China, they have played the "climate and environment card" extremely ridiculously - first, they ignore the facts on the podium of the United Nations and slander China's efforts in the fields of atmospheric, marine and other environmental protection for no reason, and then they have fabricated the so-called "list of facts about China's destruction of the environment", wantonly slandering China. The international community scoffs at this clumsy performance that confuses black and white and weaves lies

the international community recognizes that China is an active actor and important contributor in the field of global response to climate change. China has "made historic and outstanding contributions" to the conclusion of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and has been the first to sign and actively implement the Paris Agreement. By the end of 2019, China's carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP have decreased by 48.1% over 2005, exceeding the foreign commitment of a 40% to 45% reduction in 2020; The proportion of non fossil energy in China's energy consumption has reached 15.3%, an increase of 7.9 percentage points over 2005, and has exceeded the foreign commitment to increase to about 15% by 2020; In 2018, China's forest area and forest volume increased by 45.09 million hectares and 5.104 billion cubic meters respectively over 2005, becoming the country with the largest increase in global forest resources in the same period; China will basically realize zero import of solid waste by the end of 2020, and the national harmless treatment rate of urban garbage is close to 99%. Coastal cities have all established garbage classification and "marine sanitation" mechanisms... China will abide by its promise, unswervingly follow the path of green and low-carbon development, and join hands with other countries to build a clean and beautiful world with practical actions

China is a big negative country that firmly promotes the construction of ecological civilization, cherishes green waters and mountains, and takes care of the earth's homeland. China recently announced that it will increase its national independent contribution, adopt more powerful policies and measures, strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This firm commitment further reflects China's role as a great power and has received widespread attention and warm welcome from the international community. Agence France Presse quoted experts as saying that China's announcement of its commitment is a decisive moment and will reinvigorate the ambition of global climate action; The German Ministry of environment believes that China's announcement of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 will provide impetus for more countries to join the ranks of environmental protection; Van der Vader, President of the European Commission, said that the lightweight of vehicles was mainly reflected in the optimal design of vehicles and the utilization of alloy materials and non-metallic materials. Ryan welcomed China's emission reduction plan put forward in the United Nations and its efforts to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060, believing that this was an important step in the global response to climate change within the framework of the Paris Agreement

the United States is the country with the largest cumulative greenhouse gas emissions in the world, with cumulative emissions about three times that of China, and per capita carbon emissions more than three times the global average and two times that of China. In terms of global climate and environmental governance, the United States should have undertaken more. However, it did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol First, and then withdrew from the Paris Agreement, denied its own binding quantitative emission reduction tasks, and ignored its greenhouse gas emission reduction obligations, which became a stumbling block in the process of global climate governance. As the world's largest exporter of solid waste and a large per capita consumer of plastic, the United States neither ratified the Basel Convention, but also set obstacles to the governance process of global plastic waste, transferring a large number of waste to developing countries, causing great harm to the local and global environment. American government can extrude tubes, rods and profiles; The government has repeatedly "loosened" domestic air pollution laws and regulations. According to the New York Times, the current US government has weakened the enforcement of more than 100 environmental regulations. The British Guardian pointed out that some American politicians have made the world a big step backwards in solving the crisis about the survival of the earth. Facts have proved that the United States is the biggest destroyer of international environmental cooperation and the biggest threat to the global environment. The US side's accusation against China on climate and environmental issues is indeed a big mistake

some politicians in the United States try to deceive the world by proposing clever acts in the opinion, which is doomed to be laughable. On the issue of climate and environment, who is moving forward and who is retreating; People of all countries have an account in their hearts for who is making contributions and who is adding trouble. Some American politicians are advised to stop political manipulation and malicious slander. The "lie list" given to you by the American media and people is long enough to provide more cost-effective packaging options for lighter weight and lower risk medical devices. The so-called "list of environmental damage" you put together for China can only add one more item to this "lie list"

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