He became a loyal customer of XCMG loader in only

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In only three hours, he became a loyal customer of XCMG loaders

in only three hours, he became a loyal customer of XCMG loaders

www.january 2016, China's non-ferrous metal import and export 10.985 million tons, 20 products have a certain market share. China Construction machinery information

there is such a group of Xu workers, who are always ready to set out, solve problems for customers, and explain what is the responsibility and what is customer first with practical actions. Carry out the "one track" spirit of "pursuing customers' feelings" from beginning to end

on September 5, liufusheng, a customer in Gangu County, Gansu Province, compared various brands and finally chose to buy XCMG loaders, but gave a "harsh" condition: they must be delivered to the construction site before 23 p.m. on September 5, the vehicle must be debugged overnight, and the ribbon cutting starts at 9 a.m. on the morning of September 6. Write this clause into the contract, otherwise claim. It was already seven o'clock in the evening, and it was raining heavily outside. After receiving the departure message, XCMG sales Wei Shuwen rushed into the heavy rain like an arrow leaving the string, ignoring the umbrella

hurry on a rainy night and keep your promise

after half an hour of pre shipment inspection, Wei Shuwen and XCMG service Jin Xi have been soaked all over. Due to time constraints, the two jumped into the car regardless of the rain and oil pollution on their bodies, and rushed to the construction site agreed with the customer with the endless complaints of the scooter driver

the rugged mountain road was washed by rain and muddy, making it more difficult to walk at night. Jin Xi was anxious to watch it from time to time for fear of missing the agreed time, and repeatedly urged the scooter driver to drive faster, "what can I do if the customer returns the car!" After all the anxiety, finally, the navigation display arrived at the destination. At this time, it was 22:43, and their hanging hearts finally landed. 4 TBEA's high-tech products and services entered the 0 km Panshan road in more than 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, India, Russia, Tajikistan, Angola, etc., and they also "walked" for 3 hours in a rainy night

hurried overnight and arrived smoothly

XCMG spirit moved customers

after arriving safely, the rain gradually decreased, and taking advantage of favorable conditions, Jin Xi accelerated the pace of unloading and on-site commissioning. Despite hunger and cold, Jin Xi took out a flashlight and got under the car. With the cooperation of Wei Shuwen, he completed the inspection of the whole car. In order to ensure the construction efficiency of the products, the two shoveled and loaded several buckets of materials on site. After confirming that they were correct, they safely parked the two XCMG lw300kv loaders neatly. It was already 2 a.m. The golden bucket is held high, waiting for the first ray of sunshine in the morning

customer liufusheng was deeply moved by XCMG's sales and service staff this night, holding Jin Xi's hands covered with oil and mud, "in fact, seeing such a heavy rain, I made a plan to postpone the commencement ceremony until noon. When I was woken up by you in my sleep, I strengthened XCMG's confidence. Thank you."

Jin Xi and XCMG lw300kv loader

Wei Shuwen, Jin Xi... And thousands of XCMG sales and service personnel like them, take care of each XCMG product with their hearts, interpret XCMG spirit with their actions, and sincerely move every customer with hope that it will help you. It is the "one track" spirit of "pursuing customers' feelings" that makes XCMG brand famous all over the world and makes XCMG gold shine in the world

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