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Boiled Dourgen: he is an excellent CEO

Dourgen, the 14th son of Nurhachi in the Qing Dynasty, is also Nurhachi's favorite son. Dourgen had many opportunities in his life to be the chairman of the "Great Qing group" - the emperor, but he still gave up the idea of the chairman and was willing to be a CEO, an excellent CEO - the emperor's father Regent

At the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, the momentum of the "Daming group" in the Central Plains was exhausted, eunuch dictatorship, and power fell by the wayside. Although Zhu Youjian, the new chairman of "Daming group", tried to save "Daming group", there was no way to recover. At this time, under the leadership of Huang Taiji, the "Daqing group" outside the pass had occupied the entire Northeast market and tried to break into Shanhaiguan and open the entire Central Plains market

Huang Taiji is Nurhachi's eighth son. Nurhachi once wanted his favorite 14th son Dourgen to succeed to the throne. However, when Nurhachi died, Dourgen was only 15 years old. Huang Taiji forced Dourgen's biological mother, Princess Nara, to be buried for Nurhachi. On the grounds that Dourgen was still young, he sat on the throne of chairman of the board

at this time, Dourgen did not compete for the throne, but became an ordinary middle-level manager of "Daqing group" - Prince Rui, and stepped into the ranks of senior managers step by step. He led his two business divisions, Zhengbai banner and Xiangbai banner, to fight in the north and south, fought with the "Daming group", won many battles, and expanded the market of the "Daqing group". In this process, Dourgen had a comprehensive understanding of the strategic planning of "Daqing group" and a clear understanding of the strategy, advantages and weaknesses of the competitor "Daming group". The ten-year plan of "Daqing group" is to defeat "Daming group", fully control the national market, and become the "absolute leader" in the industry without competitors

when the situation of "Daqing group" was very good, Huang Taiji, chairman of the group, died suddenly at his desk due to overwork. With many regrets, he left the cause he loved. The "Daqing group" he painstakingly operated, his beautiful wife and young son

after Huang Taiji's death, the thorniest problem of "Daqing group" is who will be the chairman of the board. The most powerful is Hogg, the eldest son of Dourgen and Huang Taiji. As mentioned earlier, Nurhachi once wanted Dourgen to be the chairman. For example, at the end of each experiment, please wipe the falling ball impact experimental machine. Today, Dourgen is in the prime of life. From the management experience, the recognition and recognition of the group's strategy, and the understanding of the external market are much better than when "President Nu" passed away. He has worked in "Daqing group" for more than 20 years, and now he is the best candidate to serve as the chairman; Hogg, the eldest son of Huang Taiji, is influenced by the traditional thought that his son inherits his father's career. In addition, the two strongest business divisions of the "Daqing group", zhenghuang banner and Xianghuang Banner, are now in the charge of Hogg, and its strength gap is not weak in impact and tension. The executives of "Daqing group" fell into a dispute over who would be the new chairman

Dourgen starts from the overall situation at this time, because he understands that once he and Hogg compete for the chairman, it is bound to cause the group's eight flag business division to kill each other. It will not only weaken the power of the group, but also lose the great opportunity to occupy the Central Plains on a large scale and strive to reach the international leading position or the international advanced market by 2025. Dourgen made a decisive decision, accepted the traditional concept of "son inherits his father's career" in the Central Plains, and established Huang Taiji's youngest son Fulin to take over as the chairman of the Daqing group. He became the CEO Regent king and managed all the affairs of the group. This decision resulted in a temporary agreement within the group

at this time, the "Daming group" in the Central Plains market was exhausted, and Li Zicheng, a senior executive of the group, became king himself, leading the employees to strike and engage in civil strife. In order to love his concubine Chen Yuanyuan, Wu Sangui, the marketing director of Shanhaiguan, handed over the Shanhaiguan market, which the "Daqing group" had been unable to open for many years. It was a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. Dourgen took this opportunity to lead his troops south into Beijing, and the chairman of the Qing Shunzhi moved to office, fulfilling the long cherished wish of generations of the "Great Qing group"

"Daqing group" has been working in Shenyang Office for more than 20 years, and suddenly wants the headquarters to move the office to Beijing. Many employees within the group, especially middle and senior managers, are extremely unwilling. As CEO, Dourgen is very aware of the importance of the new office to completely open and occupy the national market. Despite public opposition, he simply decorated the office of the former Daming group and moved into the office

make use of resources and meet each other

although Dourgen became CEO, he did a beautiful thing soon after he took office: quickly open the Shanhaiguan market and fully occupy the Chinese market. However, his position is not very stable. Dourgen worked hard to rectify the North Korean agenda

Fulin, chairman of the board, is still young and does not know much about the company. Fulin's main business is to study hard and have a comprehensive understanding of the business of "Daqing group". The real chairman is Fulin's mother, daurgen's Royal sister-in-law Xiaozhuang, Empress Dowager of Wen

empress dowager Wen Xiaozhuang was once one of the most beloved concubines of the emperor, and the preparation technology of special function/performance glass or inorganic amorphous materials such as light transmission or imaging; Preparation technology of functional glass such as photoelectric, piezoelectric, laser, radiation resistance, scintillator, electromagnetic and electromagnetic wave shielding; New high strength glass preparation technology; Preparation technology of biochemical functional glass of organism and fixed enzyme; New glass preparation technology of filter, optical fiber panel, optical fiber inverter, X-ray image intensifier microchannel plate; Vacuum glass, Low-E glass preparation technology, etc. have Prince Fulin. Zhuang Fei comes from Horqin tribe in Mongolia. She is the daughter of Saishang, the leader of the tribe. Her milk name is dayuer. Horqin tribe was the first Mongolian tribe to surrender to the "Great Qing group". Zhezhe, the prince's sister, married Huang Taiji as the queen. Hai Lanzhu and dayuer, the prince's two daughters, married Huang Taiji as the concubine, and were extremely favored in the harem. However, long before dayuer married Huang Taiji, she was privately engaged to Dourgen for life. Dourgen and big yu'er were childhood sweethearts, but it was never meant to be

the time moved too close, Huang Taiji died, Da Yuer was widowed, and Dourgen was already the CEO of "Daqing group" at this time. In order to maintain a good relationship with the board of directors and get more investment and project support, Dourgen married her royal sister-in-law, eldest daughter-in-law. This is unacceptable to the Han people, but it is very normal for the Manchu people, and even a custom

since he married dayuer, Dourgen's work has become more dedicated. The board of directors recognized the work of Dourgen, and made Dourgen's contribution to the project and investment. In recognition of Dourgen's contribution, the board of directors made a "long-term incentive plan" to give Dourgen the title of "Regent of the Royal uncle" and "Regent of the Royal father"

an excellent CEO is to balance the relationship between the board of directors and employees. The "Empress Dowager married" has firmly grasped the person in charge of the board of directors; On the other hand, he appointed a group of "cadres" who were concentric with him. Dodo and hazig are Dourgen's brothers. He used these two people as "sales" and "marketing" directors, eliminated the residual forces of "anti Qing and Ming Dynasty", and consolidated the hegemony of the "Great Qing group" in the Central Plains

"Daqing group" fully opened the Central Plains market and replaced "Daming group". However, the members of "Daqing group" are almost full of people. In the view of Zhongyuan customers, they have a strong xenophobia towards Daqing group. The employees of "Daqing group" came to the Central Plains from outside the customs, and it was also difficult to accept the culture of the Central Plains. Strong cultural conflicts make it difficult to carry out business. The employees (men) of "Daqing group" wear dark blue robes, with different civil and military tonics and flower plumes according to the nature of the position (civil or military). At the same time, the front of the hair is shaved and the back is braided

Dourgen is very clear that the current situation of the "Daqing group" is completely different from that outside the customs. In order to consolidate the national market, we must increase the strength of local employees. Dourgen accepted the proposal of fan Wencheng, a university bachelor, "governing Han with Han", and many former management of "Daming group" continued to hold important positions in "Daqing group". The sales target of the new "Daqing group" is mainly Han people, and the Han culture is deeply rooted. In particular, many employees of the former "Daming group" don't wear uniform and don't have a uniform hairstyle at work. Dourgen immediately gave an order: keep your head but not your hair, keep your hair but not your head. Some employees disapprove and resolutely refuse to accept it. Dourgen ordered the killing, which played an exemplary role. The VI of the company was soon unified, which was convenient for business

on the other hand, Manchu people speak Manchu and Han people speak Chinese. Language barrier is not conducive to internal communication of the company. Dourgen took the initiative to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, influenced other members of the group, and regarded Chinese as the common language of the "Qing Dynasty Group". (when the Qing army entered the customs, the Manchu people automatically gave up Manchu and spoke Chinese, which became a classic case of language integration in the history of language)

Dourgen's policy of "governing Han with Han" attracted many Chinese talents to join the "Daqing group", which injected fresh blood into the fledgling group

after entering the customs, the "Daqing group" had to carry out organizational changes to adapt to the new market business model. Dourgen boldly reformed, but in order to make the former "Daqing group" senior management not affect their work due to the conflict of interest caused by organizational change, "eight flags" business division system continues to be retained, while the former "Daming group" organization personnel eliminate redundant personnel, retain the unified centralized system, and continue the imperial examination system to select and promote employees

whenever an enterprise becomes bigger, most of the board of directors like to invest in the high profit market of real estate. "Daqing group" invested and built the "Shenyang Forbidden City" in Shenyang, integrating office buildings and apartments. The former "Daming group" also has its own building, the Forbidden City in Beijing. Unprecedented scale. When "Daming group" went bankrupt, Dourgen, in order to save money, simply decorated the Forbidden City in Beijing and moved in immediately. The previous industry game rule was that after the original entrepreneurship and bankruptcy, the new enterprise checked the fixed assets and burned the original enterprise building by fire attack. Dourgen broke the rules of the game that lasted for thousands of years, which not only saved expenses for Daqing group, but also won the recognition and support of customers (ordinary people), and made great contributions to consolidating the market of Daqing group

Dourgen served as CEO of "Daqing group" for eight years. After the expiration of his term, Emperor Shunzhi, the chairman, failed to find a more suitable CEO to personally preside over the cause of "Daqing group"

during his tenure, Dourgen fully opened the market in the Central Plains (the Qing army entered the customs), officially established the headquarters office in Beijing, and made use of the Empress Dowager's special relationship with it, which received strong support from the board of directors and drastic reform. It can be said that Dourgen is a very excellent CEO! (end)

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