Hazard identification of the hottest metal cutting

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Identification of hazards of metal cutting machine tools

when arranging and installing machine tools, enterprises must pay attention to the risks that may cause injury. 2 After the product equipment is in place, the corresponding safety measures or safety devices shall be taken for the insurance part. The specific methods are:

1. A certain safety distance shall be maintained between moving parts and between moving parts and stationary objects to prevent crushing injury, otherwise safety protection measures shall be taken

2. The financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises of machine tools has become an obvious problem in academia since the beginning of the reform. When the actuator may cause danger to the operator and it is impossible to protect reliably, the control system of machine tools should have a light or sound alarm signal device or interlock device

3. the clamping screws, clamped blanks, etc. extending into the working area of the machine tool from the outside shall be isolated by protective covers, fences or baffles, or placed in appropriate positions and properly trimmed to prevent collision and injury

4. The machine tool shall be equipped with a baffle to prevent chip splashing

5. There should be a good production site environment with sufficient lighting and ventilation, and each machine tool should also have appropriate local lighting; The layout of the machine tool is reasonable, and the finished and semi-finished products and other items are stacked neatly according to the specified height

as an operator, we should also do a good job in personal safety protection. The following puts forward the basic requirements for the safe operation of general machine tools:

1. Wear labor protection articles as required. During operation, the cuffs must be tightened and the skirt must be tightened. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, scarves or open the skirt

2. Check whether the safety cover on the equipment is intact and closed, all safety devices such as insurance, interlocking and signal must be sensitive and reliable, whether the lubrication system is unblocked, and conduct an idle test. The equipment should be well grounded and everything is normal, otherwise it is not allowed to start

3. the workpiece, fixture, abrasive tool and cutting tool must be installed firmly

4. When loading and unloading heavy objects, lifting equipment should be used, anti smashing safety shoes should be worn, and the safety operation procedures of lifting equipment should be observed

5. Before driving, you should first observe the surrounding dynamics, and remove the objects that hinder the operation and transmission. At the processing point, you can see that there is an inertia value for all general electromechanical machines. No one is allowed to stand opposite. After the machine tool is started, the operator should stand in a safe position to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and chip splashing

6. Before the machine tool stops rotating, do not touch the moving workpiece, cutter and transmission parts; It is strictly forbidden to transfer or take tools and other items across the running machine tools and transmission parts

7. adjust the travel and limit of the machine tool; Loading, clamping and disassembling workpieces, abrasives and cutters, measuring workpieces and wiping machine tools must be stopped

8. no tools, measuring tools or other items shall be placed on the guide rail surface of the machine tool, the spindle gearbox, the tool rest and the workbench

9. It is not allowed to use the method of blowing with mouth or compressed air and directly remove the chips by hand. Special tools should be used for cleaning; Compressed air must be used to remove chips, or when chips splash seriously, in order not to endanger other operators, baffles should be installed around the machine tool to isolate the operation area, and operators should wear goggles

10 when two or more people work on the same machine, there must be one person in charge of command and coordination

11 if the equipment is abnormal, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. In case of sudden power failure, cut off the power supply immediately and withdraw the tool from the workpiece

12 do not leave the work position when the machine tool is running. If you want to leave for some reason, you must stop and cut off the power supply

13 use tools correctly. Use a wrench that meets the specifications, and do not add a cushion block or use a sleeve arbitrarily

14 when using the crane to cooperate with the work, the safety operation procedures of the hooker must be observed, and the workpieces should be stacked neatly, and should not be too high

15 after the work is completed, pull all kinds of handles for removing residual impurities back to the non working position, cut off the power supply and clean the cuttings and oil stains in the work site in time to keep the passage unblocked

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