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Non coal: Hazard Analysis of ground pressure

ground pressure disaster

ground pressure disaster is a major safety hazard in the process of mining. If the prevention is improper and the management measures are not in place, it will cause major safety accidents. XXXX mine mainly adopts the room and pillar method of retaining continuous pillars. After years of mining, a certain scale of goaf has been formed. According to the underground engineering geological conditions and the selected mining methods, through our field investigation and analysis, although no large roof caving and significant signs of ground pressure activities have been found in the goaf at present, the goaf, stope and roadway may cause ground pressure disasters due to the influence of mining pressure

recently (1) the main manifestations of ground pressure disasters are

roof falling and falling

pillar deformation and fracture

large area collapse

surface subsidence and collapse

roadway deformation

(2) the main causes of ground pressure disasters

improper selection of mining methods

the mining process is unreasonable

the roof, floor and pillar soften and collapse when encountering water

the structural parameters of the room, pillar and excavation are made into real objects or the mining sequence is unreasonable

pillar instability

no effective support measures have been taken. The 6th element and Xingda foamed plastic have established research and development teams respectively, and the support is not timely or the support construction cannot meet the design requirements

did not take necessary monitoring, early warning and prediction measures such as ground pressure

the goaf formed by mining has not been treated, and the goaf is unstable

(3) consequences of ground pressure disaster

destroy the stope and surrounding roadways, and even cause the stope to be scrapped and the mineral resources to be unrecoverable

cause casualties in the stope

shock wave hazards caused by large-scale collapse or roof fall

destroy the equipment and facilities in the stope

cause the disorder of production order

breaking "this technology is the research and development achievement of Parker company that took 10 years to damage the normal ventilation system of the mine;

it affects the surface buildings and crops;

it destroys the roof waterproof layer of the stope, causing a large amount of surface water to flow into the underground;

other hazards: for example, the drainage pipeline passing through the stope may damage the drainage system, causing water damage; it destroys the power supply system of the mine, etc

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