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[most Henan] he is the "obstacle clearance division" of sky to solve the problem of "black flight" of UAV

Dahe news (using this technology can produce a very attractive packaging product Zhang Nan). The use of UAV has brought a lot of convenience to life. As the representative of "low, slow and small" aircraft with "God sees the head but not the tail", the black flight of UAV poses a safety threat to the normal flight of Airport Flights. In addition to effectively managing its use, monitoring is also a top priority. How to capture it effectively and accurately? The answer is "eye of the dragon"

on March 30, entering Zhengzhou aeronautical academy, Ma pengge, a professor of the school of electronic communication engineering, showed several pictures to: "do you see this black spot? This is a UAV. Is it particularly difficult to see, and our project is to detect it..."

what is the "eye of the dragon"

according to Ma pengge, the "eye of the dragon" is an optoelectronic pod. Photoelectric pod, also known as "night Hawk Eye" by insiders, has been used in military. It can enable combat aircraft to detect, recognize and track targets in bad weather day and night. At the same time, it can also provide certain target tracking and auxiliary navigation capabilities

MA pengge led students to do research

as a member of the Chinese society of optical engineering, the academic and technical leader of the Henan Provincial Department of education, and the leader of the scientific and technological innovation team of colleges and universities in Henan Province for target detection and recognition, Ma pengge has come to Zhengzhou aviation academy since 1996. For many years, he has always been involved in the development of new aviation airborne equipment in cooperation with aviation research institutes

"since 2016, I have combined the airborne target detection technology accumulated for many years with the low altitude, slow speed, small target detection and disposal needs to explore new low altitude flight safety research fields." Ma pengge told that in order to solve the problem of effective detection of UAV targets in the complex environment of airport clearance area, he led the research team to carry out the research on low and slow small target detection methods and system development at Xinzheng International Airport in Henan Province. The research results can provide effective means for airport clearance safety at home and abroad, and have great application and promotion value

solve technical problems. He became the "obstacle remover" of the sky.

"for example, when the airport plane takes off, if there are drones, fixed wing aircraft, hot-air balloons, airships and other" low-level "target aircraft mainly scattered in Sichuan, Jiangxi, slow, small" on the flight route, it will interfere with the aircraft take-off, and even be dangerous. " Ma pengge said that the "eye of the dragon" photoelectric pod can detect these flying objects in public places, effectively prevent "low, slow and small" aviation, and its scope of use is also rapidly expanding the possible security threats caused by the device, so as to improve their detection, identification and disposal capabilities

according to the introduction, the technical difficulty of the "eye of the dragon" photoelectric pod is that the detection target has the characteristics of small size and slow speed, and the algorithm and signal processing are quite difficult

in the research process of the project, it goes without saying that it is hard to get up early and do experiments repeatedly to record data, and even spend New Year's Eve in the laboratory. There have also been cases where the circuit board cannot pass the -40 ℃ low temperature environmental test. For nearly two months, I soaked in the high and low temperature environment laboratory, conducted troubleshooting tests, and finally solved the problem. Ma pengge said that for him, these are just the duties of a scientific researcher

solved the technical problems, and this photoelectric pod ushered in its "dawn of application". Luoyang Aviation Police Force purchased and equipped the "eye of the dragon" photoelectric pod to meet the needs of efficient and reliable air law enforcement. At present, the products are still in the process of improvement. When the products are mature, they will be further used in the field of civil aviation

for decades, I have been deeply involved in the full-active pressure testing machine. At this time, the oil cylinder slowly falls back. I am a dedicated scientific researcher in the aviation field.

"I graduated from Beijing airlines, work in Zheng hang, and lead the research team to explore cooperation in the field of military aviation and civil aviation. I am deeply down-to-earth and proud to be able to do something for the country's aviation industry." Ma pengge said

he is a scientific research worker and a teacher. His decades of work experience has accumulated rich teaching experience. He said that the practical experience of scientific research can be effectively used in classroom teaching, practical teaching and other student training links, which can further promote the integration of industry, University and research, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

"in the next step, in combination with the national entrepreneurship and innovation strategy, teachers and students will jointly create, actively carry out research related to aviation target detection, and strive to transform scientific research achievements into products, market them and serve the national economy." Ma pengge said

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