HDPE price list of Yuyao plastic city on March 16

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On March 16, Yuyao plastic city HDPE price list

product name and trademark origin/manufacturer price remarks

HDPE5000S Yangtze 11500

HDPE5000S Daqing 11500

HDPE5000S Lanzhou 11400

HDPE5000S South Korea is out of stock

hdpee308 South Korea Petrochemical 11400

hdpe6070 Dushanzi reaching 1% accuracy is enough 11650

hdpe501 The experimental machine has a perfect lubrication system and safety protection system 70 Panjin 11650

hdpe2908 Fushun 11600

hdpe6098 Qilu curve has a small platform without goods

hdpef600 Korea petrochemical 11750

hdpe5502 Korea 11600

hdpe5502 Jinfei 11600

hdpe2200j Daqing without goods

hdpe9001 Taiwan 11700

hdpe400 Korea lg11800

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