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It is difficult for small coal mines to resume production. The rise in coal prices is expected to present an inflection point in 2010. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a document that small coal mines should resume production as soon as possible in order to increase the supply of power coal if it is seriously damaged. It is believed that the resumption of production and increased supply of small coal mines have led to a decline in coal prices and a shortage of human resources. 3. Special program for spring detection designed according to national standards. However, according to the feedback from the coal transfer station Qinhuangdao port, the power coal price has an accelerated upward trend of 6.5% per week. Analysts said that after the completion of lithium ore raw materials to basic lithium salt and lithium battery materials, the resumption of production of small coal mines will be difficult to change the rising trend of coal prices, and the coal boom may be maintained until 2010

wangshuai, chief analyst of the coal industry of Orient Securities, said that the resumption of production of small coal mines has little impact on the current market. On the one hand, it takes time for small coal mines to resume production; On the other hand, since the closure of small coal mines in 2005, many small coal mines have been blown up and unable to resume production

"the rise of thermal coal will certainly affect the prices of coking coal and downstream industries." Wang Shuai said. It is learned that since June 1, the coke enterprises in Shanxi Province have sent a price adjustment letter of 300 yuan/ton of coke to the steel plant, which is 100 yuan/ton higher than the price increase last month. Insiders said that the price increase trend of Coke will spread from Shanxi to south, central and East China

sunhaibo, coal industry analyst at United Securities, said that due to the large downstream demand base of coal at present, it is difficult to meet the capacity expansion and railway capacity of large coal groups in the past two years, so the coal boom will continue until the second half of 2009, and there may be a turning point in 2010

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