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Behind Haier's tens of thousands of layoffs: "difficult employment" has promoted the outbreak of the robot market

will robots replace everyone here in a few years? On June 18, the high tech Robot Industry Summit Forum was held in Guangzhou. At the beginning, ZhangXiaoFei, chairman of high tech robot, raised such a question

a few days before the above-mentioned summit, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin's remarks on layoffs also attracted wide attention from the outside world. Zhang Ruimin said that the number of Haier employees was 86000 at the beginning of last year, which was reduced to 70000 at the end of the year. The layoff ratio was 18%. It is expected to lay off another 10000 this year

it is understood that the main reason for Haier's downsizing is that the intelligent manufacturing business reduces the number of employees. The daily economic survey found that not only Haier, but also other large household appliance enterprises, such as Midea, Skyworth, Galanz, Gree, Hisense, Zhigao and Omar, are also using a large number of automation equipment or robots

home appliance enterprises are equipped with standard robots

according to Midea insiders, in 2010, the company's household air conditioning division widely used various three-axis and four-axis robots in various workshops. In the second half of 2011, Midea's robot application was further accelerated. The household air conditioning business unit put forward a high-quality strategy. Robots can process some processes more accurately to ensure product quality, so they are used in a wider range

2012, Midea air conditioner set up a professional robot design and processing team and independently developed a robot production line for electronic and sheet metal processing and assembly. The company said that in the future, it will also expand the application scope of robots in the assembly, welding and testing of some key parts

according to the data provided by Midea to the daily economy, in terms of robot application in the production line, at present, Midea has invested nearly 200 sets in the injection molding production line of household air conditioners, more than 100 sets of final assembly products, and nearly 200 sets of other electronic and assembly robots

in addition to the household air conditioning business unit, Midea kitchen appliances business unit also has multiple automatic production lines or robot production lines

Skyworth insiders told, for example, quality insurance, that the company put forward a robot strategy named 311 last year, specifically referring to investing 30million yuan, saving 1000 people and building an automatic production line. The robot strategy of the company's manufacturing headquarters has been officially put on the agenda, and the automation projects that can be replaced by machines and equipment can be fully explored within the manufacturing headquarters

Galanz also has a high degree of automation. The general assembly workshop in the South plant area of the mountain base has 26 production lines, and the stamping workshop can realize the automatic production of door panels, door bodies, shells and cavity structural parts

in addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, huangtonghua, director of Zhigao's public relations department, and yaoyoujun, vice president of Omar electric, both said that the company has robot equipment. Public information shows that Gree, Hisense and other household appliances are also implementing the robot strategy when the bottom rung of the steel ladder is (400 ± 5) mm from the ground

reduce labor costs and increase production capacity

almost all home appliance companies are positive about the use effect of robots

Midea insiders say, for example, if the average annual salary is 50000 yuan/person, a robot of 150000 yuan can recover its cost in three years. At the same time, the application of robots ensures the stability of quality and the smooth progress of balanced production. It is estimated that the direct labor cost of Midea's household air conditioning business unit decreased by more than 8million yuan in 2013 due to the improvement of automation

according to Midea, the post of robot application has greatly reduced the labor intensity of employees, stabilized the production process, improved the production accuracy and saved labor costs

there are 90 Skyworth 311 engineering projects, involving flat panel factory, movement factory, module factory, injection molding factory, power supply factory and component factory. The implementation of these projects can save 400.5 people, and 2142 people can be saved after the comprehensive promotion of the manufacturing headquarters

in addition, Skyworth insiders said that the company's power plant was the first to promote robot applications. In 2012, the number of employees decreased by 81, accounting for 11% of the total number of employees in the plant. The annual production efficiency increased by 31% year-on-year. At the same time, 11 technological innovation projects and 2 patents were implemented, resulting in an economic benefit of 8.74 million yuan

according to the data provided by Galanz to the daily economy, in the second half of 2013, the single line capacity efficiency of its general assembly workshop increased by 40% and the per capita efficiency increased by 62%

the difficulty of employment promotes the outbreak of the robot market

behind the robot projects launched by home appliance enterprises, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market

the Institute of robotics industry of higher engineering predicts that the annual increase in the number of robots in China will remain at about 35% in the next few years. It is expected that by 2020, the new number of industrial robots in the Chinese market will reach 220000

it is difficult to recruit workers and labor costs. 4. The electronic universal testing machine selects the right angle sample with cutting edge: the right angle sample with cutting edge is an important reason for the rapid growth of China's robot market. ZhangXiaoFei said. According to the statistics of the Department of human resources and social security of Guangdong Province, after the Spring Festival this year, the short-term employment gap of enterprises in Guangdong Province has widened, reaching a peak of 800000 to 1million people

ZhangXiaoFei believes that at present, China's labor costs are rising rapidly. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more difficult for enterprises to manage the younger generation of employees. Using robots can relieve these worries

however, it is not a simple thing to make a machine that can't think adapt to complex technological processes

a staff member of Skyworth automation R & D Division 1 told the daily economy that in order to better implement the automation project, they need to carefully observe the operation of employees, deeply understand the production process, then discuss the production requirements with the technologists, jointly design the scheme with the automation manufacturer, formulate the project assignment, start the project, and follow up the progress of the project in real time. I visited every production station in the module factory, injection molding factory, component factory, foam factory, power supply factory, flat panel factory and movement factory. In an internal communication article, the person wrote

in addition, setbacks are common in the debugging of robot equipment. In addition to challenges in equipment installation and commissioning, the operating skills of workers also need to be improved

therefore, Midea has spent a lot of energy on training its employees to adapt to the job requirements under the new conditions and promote the transformation of the employment mode. In 2013, it has been comprehensively promoted from multiple dimensions, such as lean manufacturing backbone training class, employee staffing management, multi skilled worker management, professional and technical personnel introduction, etc. Midea Group insiders said

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more than 70% of China's industrial robots are imported

on June 17, the statistical data of China's industrial robot market in 2013 released by the China robot industry alliance showed that the total number of industrial robots sold by domestic enterprises in China exceeded 9500, and the sales volume increased by 65.5% over the previous year based on comparable caliber

according to the statistics of the International Federation of robotics, nearly 37000 industrial robots were sold in the Chinese market in 2013, accounting for one fifth of the global sales, becoming the world's largest industrial robot market

it can be seen from the above two sets of data that although China has become the largest industrial robot market in the world, more than 70% of robots are imported

Zhou chaosen, engineer of Guangzhou Institute of machinery and Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou industrial robot manufacturing and application industry alliance, said in an interview with daily economy that the industrial robot market is in the hands of four major foreign brands

Zhou chaosen said that the key components of the robot include reducer, motor and controller. At present, domestic enterprises have not fully mastered the key parts technology, especially the reducer. The high-end reducer is monopolized by foreign brands

he also said that relatively speaking, the technology of robot motor and controller in China is more mature than that of reducer, but there is still a gap compared with foreign countries

at the high tech robot industry summit forum, how local enterprises defeat multinational enterprises has become an important topic. Chenpeizheng, deputy general manager of operation control product line of Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd., said that not all core technologies of foreign enterprises have been mastered and can be removed. "However, in general, domestic enterprises still lack core technologies

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