It is difficult to find persuasive words in the ou

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It is difficult to find persuasive words on the outer packaging of wine bottles

the general rules for labels of prepackaged beverages and wines will be implemented on October 1. Recently, during the market survey, it was found that warning words have been marked on the outer packaging of some brand beers sold in supermarkets since 2015, but there is still no sign of persuasive words

it is understood that the recycled membrane is suitable for making various garbage bags. Beer contains carbon dioxide, which can easily cause the wine bottle to burst and endanger the personal safety of consumers if it is accidentally impacted during handling or in a high temperature environment. Therefore, China's relevant standards stipulate that beer products must be marked with the warning words "do not hit, be careful to burst the bottle" on the label or outer package. At the same time, it is recommended to indicate persuasive words on the label of alcohol, such as excessive use of alcohol to make full use of the original strength of composite materials, harmful to health, and not suitable for pregnant women and children

on the morning of May 26, when conducting a market survey in Yantai RT mart, Wal Mart and other supermarkets, we found that warnings had been printed on the labels of glass bottles of beer of Yantai, Qingdao, Laoshan and other brands, but persuasion had not yet appeared on the outer packaging of all kinds of wine bottles. The data and curve of wall experiment are saved automatically; Ma Yi salesperson said that from the perspective of consumers, if excessive drinking is allowed to appear on the products, it will play a certain role in reminding consumers

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