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It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false of auto parts. It is very important to protect property rights.

accessories are usually explained as mechanical assembly parts or parts that are reinstalled after damage. Auto spare parts are the units that constitute the whole automobile and the products that serve the automobile. The common explanation for accessories is that accessories are mechanically assembled parts or parts that are reinstalled after damage. Auto spare parts are the units that constitute the whole automobile and the products that serve the automobile. From the source, it is the vehicle manufacturer. When a vehicle model is mass produced, its parts suppliers determine the production schedule of loading accessories. These thousands of parts manufacturers provide loading accessories according to the standards of the vehicle manufacturer, which is called original accessories

generally, the parts and components manufacturers supporting the main engine can also sell their products in an independent after-sales service system outside the after-sales service system of the non complete vehicle manufacturers under the permission of local laws. It is almost eternal to insist that the appearance of the mold is in a clean form. However, the product nameplate will not show the identification of the complete vehicle brand, but use their own brand. This kind of parts is called brand parts. Generally speaking, The quality of such accessories is consistent with that of original accessories. However, this ring is also a weak ring. 5.1 the experimental machine should be assembled according to the assembly process specification. Because some enterprises have weak legal awareness, infringe on intellectual property rights, and produce and sell fake and shoddy auto parts. This is the main reason for the proliferation of fake and inferior auto parts. These fake auto parts are sold at the price of real parts and are often used to compare and identify the quality and performance of chemical heat treatment and surface heat treatment parts such as carburization and surface quenching, which makes some businesses gain huge profits. However, this practice seriously disrupts the market, not only causing losses to the original parts manufacturers, but also ignoring the rights and interests of consumers, This kind of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) combines cost-effective processability and excellent polycarbonate adhesion. Some even have traffic accidents due to poor quality auto parts

how to protect the intellectual property rights of auto parts

liuhanru, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Valin Xingma automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., said that the main way to solve this problem is to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and crack down on enterprises that make and sell counterfeit goods. With the great deterrent force of the law, the legal risk and illegal cost of making and selling counterfeit goods will be increased. Establish a reward mechanism for reporting, attract social forces to jointly crack down on counterfeits, and let more social forces and individuals participate in reporting and resisting the manufacturing and production of fake and shoddy auto parts. Strengthen traffic safety law enforcement, put an end to substituting punishment for law, and pay attention to traffic safety as much as food safety

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