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It is difficult to change the situation of being controlled by others. The situation of being controlled by others has not been improved in China. It is not overnight to reduce the external dependence of iron ore. according to the current international and domestic macroeconomic situation, there will be no major changes in the short term. Mining enterprises should be prepared to fight a protracted war

the external dependence of China's iron ore has unexpectedly exceeded 80%. In this regard, Yu Zhangye, a Shenzhen analyst, pointed out that over the years, China's iron ore has been increasingly dependent on foreign countries. In order to alleviate or even get rid of this trend, both the national government and the industry have made a lot of efforts. However, at present, the situation of "controlled by others" in China's iron ore has not been improved

at present, the profits of domestic mines are poor and the output is declining. At the same time, the output of crude steel in its downstream steel industry is beginning to decline. Under this background, how will domestic mines "break through"

domestic steel demand is poor, and crude steel output is declining.

Yu Zhangye analyzed and pointed out that since this year, China's steel exports have performed well. In the first 10 months, China exported 92.13 million tons of steel, an increase of 24.7% year on year. Many people in the industry believe that the eye-catching export can hardly hide the weakness of domestic demand, and it is by increasing exports that manufacturers alleviate some of the pressure

wangyingsheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, pointed out that the apparent consumption of crude steel in China in the first three quarters of this year was 532.5 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 32.91 million tons, or 5.82%

according to his introduction, the domestic steel consumption this year is mainly in the construction industry, accounting for about 55% of the total steel consumption, including real estate, railway, highway and fixed asset investment in various industries

in terms of real estate, the latest data show that the national real estate development investment in the first 10 months was 7880.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year nominal increase of 2.0%. The IEA's current forecast, which used to be conservative about the scope of renewable energy development in the past; However, the new construction area of houses closely related to steel consumption continued to decline. The new construction area of houses in the same period was 1270.86 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 13.9%

in addition, wangyingsheng said that investment in various industries is slowing down. Industries such as steel and coal are in a surplus state. The amount of reinvestment and reconstruction is mostly to fill the gap, and the pull on steel demand is not obvious. However, there is still room for growth in infrastructure such as railways and highways

other steel industries, such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, household appliances and so on, have performed uneventfully so far this year that the steel price has fallen all the way this year, and the production pace of some manufacturers has also slowed down. Data show that in the first three quarters of this year, the crude steel production totaled 609 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.1%

According to Yu Zhangye, with the decline of domestic crude steel production, the demand for iron ore has to slow down. However, from this year's iron ore import data and domestic iron ore production data, the "harm" of domestic mines is more obvious

as of November 10, the iron ore price index showed that the 62% grade of Australian fine ore was $48.05/ton. Since the beginning of this year, the iron ore index of this grade has mostly been below $60/T, with a minimum of $44.25/T. recently, it has been adjusted below $50/T

the depressed ore price makes many domestic iron ore production enterprises in a state of loss, so they have to take measures to reduce production and stop production. In the first three quarters of this year, the 32 large and medium-sized mining enterprises monitored by the China Metallurgical Mining Enterprises Association realized a main business income of 46.378 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 30.49%; The total profit loss was RMB 4.338 billion, a decrease of 210.75% from the profit of RMB 5.146 billion of the previous year

with the decline of ore prices and the intensification of losses, the domestic raw iron ore output has decreased year-on-year for 12 consecutive months since September last year. From January to September this year, China produced 1.016 billion tons of iron ore, a year-on-year decrease of 9%

it is worth noting that although the production of domestic ore shows signs of slowing down, the import of iron ore is still relatively stable. Customs data show that in the first nine months of this year, iron ore imports totaled 699million tons, basically the same as last year. Mazengfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China Metallurgical and mining enterprises association, pointed out that by the end of August this year, China's iron ore dependence on foreign countries had reached 80.4%, an increase of nearly 2 percentage points compared with 78.5% at the end of last year

it should be noted that in the past two years, significant effects have been achieved in light weight and adsorption of harmful gases in plastics, and the source countries of imported iron ore are also changing. It is reported that around 2010, China's iron ore import source countries were basically about 65 countries, but now they have dropped to about 40. Among them, more than 80% of the total import volume is iron ore imported from Nanjing University shipping enterprises cultivated in Australia and Brazil. "The number of non mainstream mines has decreased significantly, and the supply side monopoly has further intensified," mazengfeng pointed out

According to Yu Zhangye's analysis, China's iron ore resources are congenitally deficient, with low grade and poor natural occurrence conditions. These factors determine that the production cost of domestic mines is much higher than that of the four major mines. In addition, China's iron ore industry still has unreasonable structure, low industrial concentration and weak anti risk ability; Low per capita iron ore production and weak comprehensive development capacity. Under the comprehensive effect of various factors, China's iron ore dependence on foreign countries has gradually increased

Ma Zengfeng said that the high dependence on imported mines and the increasing monopoly of imported mines will affect the strategic security of China's resource supply and the resource guarantee system. It is urgent to maintain a reasonable and stable self-sufficiency rate of iron ore and control the dependence on imported ore

the medium and long term development plan for the iron ore industry under preparation also points out that the iron ore industry should stick to the bottom line of 25% self-sufficiency rate of iron ore resources in the future

facing the current problems, the government, industries and enterprises are taking positive actions. Such as halving the iron ore resource tax and launching the iron ore spot trading platform

mazengfeng also put forward his own opinions from many aspects. For example, we hope to strengthen policy support and reduce the burden on enterprises; Introduce relevant policies to reduce the acquisition cost of land and mineral rights. At the same time, Ma Zengfeng also stressed that enterprises should not rely entirely on the government to introduce more positive industrial policies, but should rely on themselves

mazengfeng believes that enterprises should strengthen their bodies, consolidate their foundation and practice their internal skills. Build on the existing foundation of the enterprise, constantly improve and improve the most suitable system and mechanism LCD real-time display, system and management mode, and strengthen internal resource integration and business collaboration, so as to comprehensively improve efficiency and reduce costs

in addition, the relevant policies and measures for iron ore import should be adjusted in time according to the changes of domestic and foreign markets. According to the requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, the national quality standards for commercial iron ore should be studied and formulated, the quality inspection of imported iron ore should be strengthened, and the import of high-quality iron ore should be encouraged

it is not overnight to reduce the external dependence of iron ore. mazengfeng frankly said that in view of the current international and domestic macroeconomic trends, there will be no major changes in the short term. Mining enterprises should be prepared to fight a protracted war

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