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In 2005, with the seductive slogan of "28000, hardcover move home", Sanyou innovation launched the "decoration package" service in the home decoration industry in Beijing. Immediately, 2x8, 3x8 and 5x8 "decoration packages" surged in the capital. Although their cleverness is different, you will find that nearly 80% of home decoration companies now regard "decoration package" as the trump card of promotion when you turn around the home decoration area of home shopping malls

however, since the "decoration package" came out, it has been constantly criticized. On Google search engine, we use "decoration package" as the keyword to find the news since 2005. The most common search results are complaints and exposure. Up to now, there are still articles criticizing "decoration package" in hot posts on home decoration forums of major websites

why is there such a completely different phenomenon between market and public praise? We investigated the views of decoration owners, home decoration companies and supervision companies on this issue

In June, we conducted a questionnaire survey on the decoration package market. The results showed that among the 104 consumers who participated in the survey, 52 chose the decoration package, accounting for 50% of the total

the actual consumption price of these 52 consumers who chose the package exceeded the list price of the package. Among them, the proportion of exceeding the budget by 10% to 30% is the largest, accounting for more than half of all respondents

the survey shows that the main reasons why consumers exceed the decoration budget are that the quotation of "decoration package" is vague, the items are less than the actual situation at home, and the "main material upgrade" has been carried out

however, most respondents said that budget overruns could be avoided if the contract terms were carefully read

last weekend, we came to the blue view Lijia home Plaza in Dazhong temple and consulted two home decoration companies as decoration customers

"additional items for items" additional charges take the initiative to say that

the promotional materials of the two home decoration companies indicate all the items included in the package respectively, and the salesperson also said frankly that the items not written on the materials need to be charged additionally

different from the situation reported by netizens, when we provided the house type diagram and explained the area and room configuration, the salesman immediately informed the possible additional items: such as the number of doors, the length of cabinets, the number of toilets, and the cost of some ceramic tiles that may be exceeded due to the height of the room

the key project of "water and electricity transformation" was not clearly stated

however, the salesperson of the two companies did not actively inform about the charges of "water and electricity transformation". It was not until the author proposed that another charge was required. The water improvement price of Sanyou is 60 yuan/meter, the light power transformation is 20 yuan/meter, and the dark line is 50 yuan/meter; The price of the second company is 50 yuan/meter for water improvement, 30 yuan/meter for light power and 50 yuan/meter for dark line

according to the reporter's investigation, hydropower transformation accounts for a large proportion of the additional items of decoration. Mr. Guo, who used to decorate the first company, chose the package of 288 yuan per square meter, with a decoration area of 150 square meters. The actual cost exceeded the price calculated by 288 by about 20000 yuan, of which the cost of transforming hydropower alone was more than 9000 yuan. Ms. Xu, who also used the 288 package of the company, spent more than 5000 yuan on the additional items, including more than 3000 yuan on the water circuit transformation

taking a room with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms with a construction area of 137 square meters as an example, the author consulted many home decoration companies that provided "decoration packages" in the market. It is found that the number of bedroom doors, cabinets and toilets contained in most "decoration packages" is insufficient

this is because the "decoration package" usually only includes four bedroom doors, a set of 3-meter cabinets, and the decoration of one bathroom (the decoration of the bathroom does not include the ceiling and the cost of changing water and electricity). In other words, when the number of bedroom doors of the decorated house exceeds 4, the length of cabinets exceeds 3 meters, and the number of toilets exceeds 1, the costs need to be increased respectively

it is reported that without upgrading any main materials in the "decoration package", the increased cost of these three items alone is nearly 8000 yuan; In addition to water and electricity transformation, windows and personalized decoration, there will be an additional cost ranging from 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan

in addition, some home decoration companies provide "standard set meal" kitchen and bathroom supplies, floors, and range hoods, which are not well-known small brands. If these products are upgraded to well-known brands, it will need to increase 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan

according to this calculation, if the "288 package" is selected for this set of three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms with a construction area of 137 square meters, the budget quotation is 39456 yuan, and the actual cost increases by about 20000 yuan

netizens complain that the trap of adding items is impossible to prevent.

among all consumers surveyed, the most dissatisfied opinions about the decoration package are concentrated on the two aspects of the high price of adding items and the brand of main materials

netizen "Lan zhicao" reported that he bought a 388 per square meter decoration package from a company, but after accounting for all the materials, the actual quotation became more than 50000 yuan

"for a bathroom, you think the set meal includes wall and floor tiles and a set of sanitary ware




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