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Decoration negotiation should avoid being dominated by two types of designers

for the sake of performance and respect, all designers will carefully listen to your requirements on decoration, which is the basic basis for their design, but there are two types of designers who must attract your attention, otherwise it will affect your budget and decoration effect

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first, blindly cater to your designers.

such designers are often very modest and low-key, and they often affirm your views and opinions in the process of communicating with you. And rarely put forward their own views and views. When you meet such a designer, you often have the illusion that "this designer" has a sincere attitude. If he doesn't cater to you out of consideration of transaction, he is not up to standard. After the preliminary design, you will find that he just translates your idea --- move your idea to the drawing and follow it up. As you are a non professional, your grasp of the overall style is inevitably lacking. If he blindly caters to you, the result may be that the effect of the final pretend is far from your expectations. And he made the design according to your view, and the design is also approved by you. If there is suffering, it must be uncomfortable

second, the talkative designer

the other kind of designer is completely different. Although he also patiently listens to your opinions and opinions, he will eventually deny some or most of your views. He will communicate with you in many strange terms, making you fall into the fog and giving you a profound feeling. Unconsciously, you will lose yourself and completely cater to his views, because you are completely convinced by him. In this case, your investment may be broken through, and your original requirements for style and function will change. Finally, what you install is not your own house or the effect you need at all. Similarly, you agree with the design. Even if such a result occurs, you will have trouble

we believe that when communicating with designers, you must grasp the degree, not only abandon the designers who completely cater to you, but also deny the designers who push you back. What you need is a designer who respects your opinions and views, and on this basis, discusses and improves your views with you out of consideration of economy and function or appearance, because such a designer knows your needs and is actually considering them for you





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