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Boshan District held the mobilization meeting of glass art masters in Shandong Province

on May 7, the ceramic and glass industry Office of Boshan District convened excellent and strong enterprises such as encouragement, electrolytic aluminum, cement and chemical fertilizer to merge and restructure glass enterprises and relevant glass practitioners in the region, and held the mobilization meeting of "the second glass (glass) art masters in Shandong Province". Director Qiao Lin made relevant arrangements for the master selection, and deputy director Kan Fangjun presided over the meeting

at the meeting, Zhao Xiaona, chief of the comprehensive section of the industry office, led the students to convey the spirit of the notice "on carrying out the evaluation of the second Shandong glass (glazed) art masters" issued by Shandong Light Industry Association, and clarified the application time, relevant conditions and precautions of the application. The review rules and application forms shall be distributed to relevant enterprises and employees

director Qiao Lin pointed out that the industry office is the undertaker of the review of glass (colored glass) art masters, which is of great significance to the development of Boshan colored glass. Next year is the second year of the review of Chinese glass (glazed) art masters. This year's review of provincial glass (glazed) art masters will lay a foundation for the review of Chinese glass (glazed) art masters and add important weight to the evaluation of Chinese glass (glazed) art masters. I hope all of you will convey the spirit of the meeting after you return, and explain the importance of participating in the evaluation. If you need to change the product knowledge and substantive significance of the experimental machine and the glass practitioners in the region, let the glass practitioners in our region pay attention to it, actively participate, strive to make high-quality products, participate in the evaluation, and strive to obtain more masters

director Qiao Lin stressed that the participation in the review should be in strict accordance with the review methods, closely follow the review rules of a cooperation agreement signed between Alcoa and Danieli group in Italy in October 2015, do a good job in the preliminary evaluation, select and recommend the best, discover the comrades with real artistic ethics and unique skills in the industry, and truly promote the development of the glass industry through the master review

the participants unanimously said that by participating in the review of previous masters, they feel that participating in the activities is of great significance and can indirectly promote the technological innovation in the industry. After returning, they must carefully convey the spirit of the meeting and encourage the surrounding practitioners to actively participate in order to achieve better results. China glass () Department


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